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Chemicals to keep far away from your hair

Updated on November 23, 2016
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A 28yr old student Doctor with a passion for writing. Sharing my passion everywhere I get the opportunity to.

Hair for centuries has been the crowning beauty for women. We do all we can to maintain it, and most are obsessed with growing it for as long as they can while also keeping it at it's healthiest. While this is attainable for all hair types and for all women, not everyone successfully get their hair to grow, long, strong,thick, and healthy. This is not always the fault of the woman, but sometimes genetics play a huge part in this as well.

But for the incidences where genetics is not the issue we have put together a list of - stay away from chemicals- that would help greatly on any woman's or perhaps man's hair journey. We are sure their are a lot more out a lot more out there, but we just wanted to highlight the worst of the lot below.

Fragrance (Perfume)

So, we all love to smell our best, we love when a product that we purchase has an amazing smell. It almost becomes 50% of the reason we purchase the product. Non of us consider whether or not these highly perfumed products are doing more harm than good. In fact the only real perk of a great smelling hair product is the smell.

Believe it or not, the perfumes found in hair products and other products are actually a mixture of highly toxic chemicals that actually has been known to cause, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and blood poisoning plus so much more. You might be wondering; then why is it still allowed in products since it is so bad for health. For the same reason that fertilizers and hormones are still allowed to be use in the growing and production of food stuff. No one is stopping the producers and further more they are not obligated to list the chemicals that they use comprising the perfume.

Be sure to give the scent free products a try, your hair will feel so good, you won't even miss the smell that much.


Parabens are used to prolong the shelf life of hair care products as well as to prevent fungus and bacteria from growing. This particular chemical can be absorbed into the skin whether on your scalp or otherwise and potentially disrupt our endocrine systems. Parabens have a unique ability to mimic estrogen. It has been linked to breast cancer tumors, declining sperm count, an increase of breast cancer in men and testicular cancer.

I think based on the above information, it is safe to say that we should try to minimize the use of products that contain parabens as much as possible.

Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be.

Hair coloring agents!

In order for hair dyes to do it's intended job, the ammonia in them actually have to lift the hair cuticle and peroxide will first destroy your current natural hair color. The cuticle being the initial protective barrier for the hair, when it is stripped to pieces, the hair is left extremely vulnerable to damage from all the elements that is is exposed to. After this takes place and the hair color of choice goes in and permanently destroys your own natural hair color, the damage becomes now somewhat irreversible. Unless of course you cut off all the damaged hair and start over.

To prevent this from happening to you, simply opt for not coloring your natural locks. It is even worth trying brands/products that are more organic and less harsh on the hair. But, do note that the only way out of the damage that color causes to your hair even if it looks and feels healthy after the color treatment is to cut it. So, this is not ideal for the person who is seeking to grow their locks.

Have you ever tried chemical free hair care products?

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We are pretty sure if you include these changes to your hair care regime, that you will without a doubt experience healthier hair as well as an overall healthier body and lifestyle. And if you want to don't stop there, look for these harmful ingredients in your skin care products as well and make some changes there.

When it's all done, let us know how the change has improved your hair, skin and lifestyle.


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