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Choose Hair Styling Gel For Ultimate Hold

Updated on August 31, 2011

Hair styling gel is a product that's spread throughout wet hair to assist with the style process. Hair styling gel is available in many forms, including gels (obviously), liquids, and sprays. The amount of hold a gel has varies from strong, ultimate, light or flexible which is most often the chosen product for hairstyles that are left to air dry. Hair styling gel can be found at both drug stores and professional beauty salons.

Hair Styling Gel For The Wet Look

Though hair styling gel is used to help with the style process of numerous different looks, gel is most helpful for giving hair a wet look. Hair styling gel is also great for "scrunching", a styling phrase that means to bunch up locks of hair to enhance one's natural or artificial wave or curl. Although hair styling gel creates an excellent wet look and works great with air-dried styles, it can be used in conjunction with heat styling and blow drying as well.

Use ultimate hold hair styling gel for a wild and crazy 'do!
Use ultimate hold hair styling gel for a wild and crazy 'do!

Hair Styling Gel Is Easy To Use

The technique used for applying gel on your hair depends on the kind you have chosen to use. If you're using spray gel, just spray over all your hair from the ends to the roots and then work it in with your hands. For liquid or regular hair styling gel, squeeze a small dollop into one palm, smear it around with the other hand, then work it into the hair. For long hair, you may require more gel to cover all of it. You want to always apply hair styling gel to slightly damp hair as it is not meant to be used on dry hair. You'll end up with a sticky, crunchy mess on your head.

Just a little dab'll do ya!
Just a little dab'll do ya!

Hair Styling Gel: Try Some Today!

Like other styling products that have been used on wet hair, hair styling gel can be reconstituted by spraying the hair lightly with water. To restore a hairstyle in a hurry, just mist the strands with a squirt bottle filled with water and you can reshape it. If extra hold is preferred, you can simply reapply a little bit of hair styling gel before shaping or combing.

If you suffer from dry hair, you may want to avoid using hair styling gel that has alcohol in it. Similar to other styling products, hair styling gel can cause build-up over time on your hair follicles when used frequently. To remove the build-up, just wash it with clarifying hair shampoo once every couple of weeks. Follow with your regular conditioner afterwards and just style as usual. Try out different kinds of hair styling gel and different strengths of hold to find a product that meets your hairstyling needs.

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