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Prescription Eyeglasses: Change Your Glasses, Change Your Looks

Updated on May 24, 2014

Choosing the right style in prescription eyewear for you

Changing your eyeglasses is the most noticeable and effective way to transform your looks. Eyewear can accentuate your best features and play down facial characteristics that are less flattering. Your choice of frame style describes you and the image that you would like others to see and adds a defining look to your everyday style. Simply put, change your glasses, change your looks.

Before you buy prescription eyewear, here are some useful tips and most recent eyewear trends to consider:

Geek Chic, whether in chunky plastics or the minimalist look of simple design with clean, straight lines, these stylish eyeglass frames will add an edge to any outfit. They are particularly striking with an anti-reflective coating which creates a sharp contrast between the clarity of the lens and the simple lines of the frame itself. If your wardrobe consists of mainly neutral colors of black, beige, gray and white these eyeglasses will make your everyday style look very put together.

Designers all over the world have grasped on to the retro look and have translated it into every aspect of fashion, including eyeglasses. In acknowledgment of John Lennon's distinctive style, his trademark small, circular frames have been adopted by almost every frame designer. And our rediscovery of the trendsetting 70's continues with increasing popularity of the Wayfarer (in Blues Brother Style!) and the aviator. Add a tint and you can have a funky, rock-star look or keep it clean and simple for a more polished, conservative look. These funky frames will add an edge to any look!

Mixing prints and colors are the perfect finish to any modern, eclectic look. This is available in many eyewear collections in attractive temple designs, geometric shapes and in a wide spectrum of colors. Your daily ensemble of tee-shirt and jeans will look very chic with a trendy pair of eyeglasses. Pull your look together with a pair of trendy frames with a pop of color and some eye catching embellishments!

For those with an active lifestyle, there are eyeglasses that are suitable for the most demanding sports and can also be used in your daily activities. Whether it's biking, golfing, motorcycling, skiing, swimming or any type of ball playing, protective eyewear is a must and with the wide array of attractive, functional styles, the choice is so much easier now.

Designer eyeglasses, constructed of superior materials and trendsetting in style and design still hold much appeal. But since most designers, act as a guide by which other manufacturers follow, you can often find a less expensive version of many stylish designer eyeglass frames that will still give you the same panache.

Children's prescription eyewear also demands extra special attention. Appropriate lens selection and careful measurements are critical since it usually sets precedent for the filling of future prescriptions. Frame selection is equally important. Fit and style must be considered when choosing children's eyeglass frames. The frame should be in proportion to your child's facial features and as every parent knows; if the style is not to your child's liking they are not going to wear it.

Whether you are purchasing one pair of glasses to wear every day or several pairs for different outfits or activities, your glasses will be a costly and very visible investment. Today there are so many choices; it is very confusing even to the most educated consumer. Look for a reputable optical establishment where a licensed optician is available to make sure you made the correct frame choice for your prescription and that all measurements are accurate. Working with someone who is technically informed with a keen fashion sense will make your selection easy and ensure your satisfaction with your eyeglass choice.



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    • LisaMarie724 profile image

      Lisa Stover 5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      I actually don't wear glasses but some of them are so chic that I want to get fake ones.