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Choosing And Taking Care Of Wool Irish Sweaters

Updated on October 12, 2014

Merino Wool Is Warm And Absorbent

Irish sheep are acclimated to harsh conditions. Their wool is very warm and wicks moisture away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable.
Irish sheep are acclimated to harsh conditions. Their wool is very warm and wicks moisture away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable. | Source

Invest In A Good Sweater Drying Rack

Sweater Mesh Air Dryer Stackable Drying Rack (27Sqx5H) 6-Pack #04004-6
Sweater Mesh Air Dryer Stackable Drying Rack (27Sqx5H) 6-Pack #04004-6

Handy, stackable drying racks are great for sweaters and other delicate items than need to be laid flat for even drying.


Rugged, Durable and Beautiful!

Irish sweaters are stylish and cozy and perfect for the crisp months of autumn and the chill months of winter. This type of heavy wool sweater does present a laundering challenge, though. No matter which style of Irish sweater you choose from cardigan to pullover, you'll find the material durable, absorbent and heavy. This is because these sweaters are hand crafted of authentic Irish wool. The yarn used to weave authentic Irish wool sweaters is incredibly strong. Both the materials and the workmanship are meant to last a lifetime.

These beautiful sweaters are knitted following ancient symbolic patterns. Irish wool has the ability to keep you warm, dry and comfortable even in the coldest, dampest and windiest weather.

Buy Irish Wool Sweaters Online Or In Local Shops

There was a time when it took a trip to Ireland if you wanted one of these classic sweaters. Today, authentic, traditional sweaters made of Irish wool can be purchased online and in a number of import shops in the United States and around the world. Of course, there are also cheap knock-offs made of inferior or even synthetic wool crafted by machine or by workers in other countries, but they really can't hold a candle to the beauty and durability of an authentic Irish wool sweater. When you invest in an authentic, heavy duty fisherman's sweater from Ireland, you have made a wise purchase indeed.

Wool/Cotton and Wool/Linen Blends Are Also Authentic!

Although the classic Irish wool sweater is made of pure Irish wool, in recent years a blend has been created for people who have problems wearing pure wool. You may see some sweaters from Ireland made of a linen/wool or cotton/wool blend. These, too, are authentic. They are a bit lighter weight than a 100% Irish wool and bit easier to launder. If you have an allergy to pure wool or you simply like a lighter weight (less itchy) sweater, these blends provide an authentic alternative.

Take Good Care Of Your Sweater For A Lifetime Of Wear

If you have purchased a heavy, 100% wool sweater, you must always hand wash it. Remember that Irish wool is very absorbent, so it will become very heavy when wet, and it may take quite a while to dry. It's a good idea to hand wash your sweater in cool water in the bathtub and then simply let the water run out and let it sit and drain overnight. This will make it easier to handle.

When most of the excess water has drained out of your sweater, with the sweater still in the tub roll it up in a heavy-duty bath towel. Now step into the tub and walk on the rolled up sweater and towel with your bare feet to squeeze out excess moisture. Once you've done this, lay your sweater out on a flat, porous surface such as a sweater drying rack. If you haven't got a special drying rack, a woven poolside lounge chair does the job nicely.

Drying may take a few days. You may wish to turn your sweater a few times while it is drying, but be careful not to stretch it out. This will cause it to become too large and it will hang strangely if you pull on it while it's wet. Just lay it flat so that it can keep its shape.

Fine Handmade Wool Sweaters Are Worth The Price!

Irish wool sweaters are wonderful holiday gifts and make an excellent treat for yourself. They are beautiful, durable, practical and can actually become heirlooms. A well made Irish wool sweater can easily last a lifetime and more, so even though the truly authentic ones are a bit costly, they are well worth the investment.



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