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Skin Care: How to Choose Makeup For Your Skin

Updated on December 1, 2012

Make up is the essential part of the personality. Men and women both use make up but for women, make up is included in their daily dress up. It is very difficult to search for the suitable make up and women spends a lot of time in finding the appropriate make up for them. Our skin changes as we grow older, a type of makeup that looks good for a teenager may not look suitable for an adult. When women are selecting the make up colors, they should choose those colors which suite to their personality. You should not just follow the trend and fashion; you should give preference to those colors which gives you best and attractive look.

Before selecting makeup you would have to think about the type of your skin, weather it is oily, dry, sensitive or combination etc.Because, every type of skin demands different type and different colors of makeup.

Here we are suggesting some important aspects that should be considered before makeup choice for different types of skin.

Oily Skin

Daily cleansing is must. This is such a habit, that every woman should adopt and this should be done, before selecting makeup for oily skin. Gentle cleanser should by used; you can use Avon or Oil of Olay products for this purpose. It is crucially important that you should wash out all facial excess before sleep and remember never sleep in makeup. If you do not have cleansing routine, your skin has more chances to get blackheads etc.

For too much oily skin, you will have to us e oil free foundations and oil free make up. The reason is, oil free foundation will not block your pores, and will not cause any damage to your oily skin. Eye shadows and creamy kind of blushes should not be used because they contain more concentration of oil then powered brand. Oil based foundation will block your pores and increase the skin damage, while powered makeup will be the best option for oily skin.

Combination Skin

People with combination skin (dry and oily) are the most unfortunate of all individuals. They have to use two types of foundation of the same color. If anybody has oily skin, then oil free make up should be the option because, using oil based makeup on oily skin will give unattractive and too shiny look. On the other side moisturizing products will work best on dry skin and give skin a fresh look. Shadows contains (cream and powered) will be the best option for combination type of skin because it is neither too oily nor very dry. Face cleansing is the most important thing to keep your skin fresh and healthy, whatever type of skin you have.

Normal Skin

People having normal skin are luckiest one. They have open option and choice to choose any type of makeup, oily or powered. People with normal skin type, usually do not care a lot about their skin, because they think that that do not need any cleansing and make up .But, this is not wise thinking. People with normal skin do require a lot of care. Similar to other skin type, normal skin people will have to take care about the moisture level of their skin. They should not use oily makeup regularly. They need to use a makeup which is balanced, not very oily and not totally dry. We are again pointing out that you should not sleep with makeup. Sleeping with makeup is not suitable for any type of skin and makes cleansing your habit.

Sensitive/Blemish-Prone Skin

People with sensitive skin should avoid makeup. Because, if they use oily or powered makeup there are chances that their skin might get some infection or allergy. A person with sensitive skin requires very much care for selecting makeup type. Mineral foundations could be the best option for people with sensitive skin. Many nature ingredients are involves in such mineral foundation and they wrap the skin while not blocking the pores of the skin .many dermatologist says that these products are also helpful in treatment of acne problem.

In conclusion, whatever the skin type you have, you should avoid your skin from harmful sun rays. Excessive use of any type of makeup is dangerous, whatever the skin type may be. Selection the colors of makeup and type of makeup must be according to your skin type. And if you are feeling nay sort of difficulty in finding out about the type of skin you have, you may consult an experienced dermatologist or there are so many expert people available on big cosmetic and department stores. They can also tell you about the type of your skin and the suitable makeup for you, on the basis of their experience. First, get to know about your skin type, and then go for the selection of makeup and colors.

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    • ajalevis profile image

      Aja Levis 

      6 years ago

      Good Post. While selecting or buying a product you should know what type of your skin is, whether it is dry or oily. Select product as per your skin type.

      For more detials in it you can read


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