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Choosing Makeup for your Skin Type

Updated on June 27, 2011

I often am asked for advice on skin care and makeup as part of my job as an Avon Independent Sales Representative. Knowing your skin type is as important for choosing your makeup as the colors you wear. Many women overlook this important fact, and wonder why their makeup is clumpy, runny, or just plain doesn't look right once they put it on.

Basic skin types

There are three basic skin types: normal, dry, and oily. The skin on different parts of your body may not all be the same type. Many people have normal skin on most of their body, dry hands and feet, and either dry or oily facial skin.

  • Oily: skin leaves residue when blotted or rubbed with a tissue.
  • Dry: skin flakes easily or is rough to the touch, absorbing moisture easily and completely.
  • Normal: neither oily nor dry.

Makeup choices for oily skin

For oily skin, prepare your skin first by rinsing with an oil-free cleanser. This washes most of the oil off, leaving your skin with a better surface for the makeup to adhere to. Choose makeup with a powder or cream-to-powder base. There is enough moisture already in your skin to adhere the powder makeup, so no more liquid is necessary. Use eyeliner pencils instead of liquid eyeliner, because the liquid will layer over skin oils instead of mixing with them, causing your color to run. Using a mattifying powder can also be helpful, depending on how oily your skin is.

Makeup choices for dry skin

For dry skin, prepare your skin by using a moisturizer. This helps the makeup soak into your skin and also helps protect your skin from damage. Choose liquid foundation and other liquid or cream makeup. This allows the color to spread evenly on your skin and gives needed moisture throughout the day, preventing clumping. Some makeups even come with moisturizer and/or added vitamins, which are good choices as well for dry skin.

Makeup choices for normal skin

For normal skin, use a ph-neutral cleanser first. You can use liquid, cream-to-powder, or powder makeup, but layer it bit by bit rather than applying a lot right away. This prevents caking. It is best to use a liquid foundation and powder for the rest of the makeup, as this creates better coverage.

After removing makeup

After you have removed your makeup, it is a good idea to treat your skin with a cleanser or moisturizer. This takes away the last of the makeup particles and removes oil for oily skin (oil-free cleanser), or moisturizes your dry skin (moisturizer). This will help your face be a better "canvas" for your makeup the following day.

For tips on how to do eye makeup, see this hub. For other beauty and skin care tips and tricks, visit my website.


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      KT pdx 9 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

      Sime, please stop posting links in the comments of this hub. That is considered spam. Thank you.

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      KT pdx 9 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope your daughter enjoys the hub. :)

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      Chef Jeff 9 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      I am forwarding this hub to my daughter who is big on knowing all there is to know about makeup.


      Chef Jeff T.