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Incredibly soft apparels for our new guest

Updated on March 25, 2014

Choose something soft for me, please!

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I am too small for clothesOrganic cotton clothes One piece apparel for our belovedOrganic clothes made from bamboo
I am too small for clothes
I am too small for clothes
Organic cotton clothes
Organic cotton clothes
One piece apparel for our beloved
One piece apparel for our beloved
Organic clothes made from bamboo
Organic clothes made from bamboo

Our babies are mild and pure as water and soft as a petal

If I say that your precious newborn baby's skin is 10 times more delicate than your own.won't you be 10 time more careful about what comes in contact of his/her delicate skin?
Of course you would .Which is Precisely why we would be more concerned as to what is most suitable for them.Not surprisingly then would we be so choosy about what our children should wear and what they shouldn't.

Buy Comfortable Clothes for Babies
It's really crucial to consider the comfort of your baby while getting clothes for them You must avoid clothes that you think might be a cause of irritation for your children try and avoid clothes with zippers and elastics as they may leave scars on the soft skin try getting something which can be buttoned or tied at the shoulders as they will not hurt the child at the back or in front. Very often we see hoods at the back of the baby's dress, They can be harsh.Its because it gathers behind the neck and may irritate the child .

Try and fetch envelope kind of openings for your baby's clothes, they are very easy to pull over the heads, they stretch real easy .Seek kimono type of dresses.Those are fantastic. They can be tied with ribbons and are very comfortable too.

Two piece outfits can be a little uncomfortable for babies,so try and stick to single piece outfit,which is simpler and more comfortable for the babies and it is buttoned at the legs which makes it easy for a mother to change her diapers conveniently every time they soil them .

Choosing Socks for Your Baby

Be careful while choosing socks for your baby ,you may see immense variety of socks in the market and might always want to buy those look very charming.But for newborns really keep them plain because the designed one seems to be pretty but they may be harsh for your newborn .The loops of the patterns or laces may get stuck into the toes of your baby.This may make your child frustrated and he may keep crying and you may never know why your baby is screaming .

Pick Low Maintenance Clothes for your newborn
Along with the comfort of the baby,It's important to consider the comfort level of the parents. Tiny ones tend to grow fast thus leaving all the tiny clothes behind . Moreover we need to change baby's clothes very often so do not go for expensive clothes instead look for comfortable ones and the one which has low maintenance and are not too expensive .

Avoid buttons and choking hazards

For the baby's safety sake, any clothes that have ribbons, buttons, ties are really impractical and unsafe. Always try and keep clothes very simple for babies. They look cute in everything you put them in. Easy on and off clothes are best suited for them.

Avoid synthetic fabric
The most important thing to avoid when buying baby's clothes is synthetic fabrics or scratchy fabrics.Synthetics clothes are fire hazard and itchy too. Always look for natural fibers like Wool,cotton and bamboo they all breathe and allow the baby to perspire and the perspiration to evaporate rather than over heating the body.

Do you know ?
Wool is a great Baby's Clothes Fabric.Which actually people don't believe. Can really wool fabric keep a baby cool?yes, its a fact.Here are some hard and fast facts about wool, and it's wonderful properties.Though since ages it was considered itchy and parents didn't want to put it next to their babies' sensitive skin.
surprised!aren't you?
I too was. At least about the cool part of the wool. Ryan Jordan, PhD., a textile-industry consultant told The Real Simple Magazine,that ("wool is the most effective fiber at regulating your body temperature.").Another new fiber that's very popular now is bamboo fiber.It's so incredibly soft against a baby's skin. And the organic cottons which were incredibly popular then and now too . They come in fantastic colours and are easily available in the markets.Overall, wool,cotton and bamboo fabrics are a great choice for natural baby clothes. Look for them in dresses like sweaters, blankets,hats, booties, and pants and socks.

It's very important to remember that your baby needs to be kept safe and comfortable .They will look cute in any thing they wear ,just seek simple clothes for them

Being associated with family business of child wear have learnt great thing about children wear and still feel I am novice to it and need to lean more for our tiny ones.Its such a wonderful trade to fashion clothes for young ones.


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