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Choosing the Right Glasses for Your Style and Your Face Shape

Updated on September 6, 2016

So Many Styles

Now more than ever before, there are so many different eyeglass frames available to choose from. A quick glance through magazines will show that glasses are not only for improving ones' vision, but also as a strong fashion statement.

In the past, frames were only available in a limited amount of colors and styles. The result of more and more people choosing to wear glasses as their fashion statement has made more and more designers add an eyeglasses and even a prescription sunglasses division to their fashion lines.

Although some designers have always offered eyeglasses and sunglasses frames in their lineup, with more designers coming to the scene in this arena, the one that benefits from all the competition is the consumer. In every imaginable price point, there is a style or a color available that will complement your face shape and coloring. If you want to see what is a current hot style, look to the tabloids for photos of what celebrities are wearing.

Choosing Frame Styles Before You Shop

I make it a point to look online as well as in print and magazines for eyeglasses. When I see ones that I like, I clip them out and put them in a zip top bag to take with me to the eye doctor if it is from a magazine, or even better, I take a photo with my phone and add it to a folder called "frames".

As I do this over several weeks, I notice that there are certain styles and designs that I am drawn to. That is great, because I am really interested in narrowing my focus.

If I see someone I know with a frame that I really like, I will ask them where they got them, and the key here, how long ago. Frames that are more than about 2 years old may not be active in a line any more, unless they are a classic frame.

Additionally, I notice the color as well as the frame. I can't wear neon shades. Although they are fun, they don't look great on me. Same with the color white in a frame. Although I love the look, the look does not love me.

Try Before You Buy

Wear a neutral color before you go to the eyeglass store. Especially if you are going to be trying on different colors of frames. If you normally wear makeup, wear it. Don't wear anything with a pattern. You don't want to distract your eye away from the frames of the glasses that you will be wearing.

Bring your digital camera with you or your smart phone. Take shots of you wearing the frames that you like. This will help eliminate the glasses that simply don't work. Sometimes, seeing the photo is better than looking in the mirror.

Note how the glasses feel on your ears. Do they land higher on one ear than the other? Is there something that can be done to adjust that? How do the glasses feel on your nose? Are they heavy or light?

Looking through the glasses, is any of your vision obstructed by the frame?

If you will be putting your glasses on top of your head, like some sunglasses wearers do, do this. Do the arms of the glasses pull at your hair? Are they too snug? Too loose? What adjustments can be made in these areas?

Learn About All the Feature Options

Learn about what special features are offered for your lenses. There are many options available, and some may be worth the extra money to you. Anti-scratch treatments, non glare treatments, and many others, there are features that your lenses can be fitted with to make them more pleasurable to wear or extend the life of the lens or the frame.

A local eye doctor once had glasses with matching cases, and for an additional amount, matching sunglasses as well. It was a great purchase because it made me feel more pulled together and stylish. It also allowed me to save the money that I was planning to spend on the sunglasses. The total purchase was less than I would have spent purchasing these items separately.

Your Glasses Have Arrived

When your lenses are ground and fitted, you will come into the eye doctor's office to try them on and get them fitted to you if you purchased them through a brick and mortar store. Make sure that your lenses fit. Ask to see the eye chart again and go down the lines.

Look all around the room to ensure that your lenses are ground properly. If these are reading glasses or bifocals, bring something to read and read it right there with your new eyeglasses.

Note the way the glasses feel on all places of contact. Pay attention to the bridge of your nose, the side of your head, behind your ear. Are all of these places comfortable? If so, great. If not, let the technician make some adjustments.

If everything is good, take the glasses out for a test drive. If you notice a headache, dizziness, or anything similar, contact your eye doctor. They will inform you of what you should do. I have never had this happen, but I am told that with drastic changes in prescription, that this can happen. I am also told that this can happen if the lenses are not the correct distance from your eyes.

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    6 years ago

    Hey, I remember those old cat eye glasses :)


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