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The Best Perfumes For The Holidays

Updated on July 22, 2014

The holidays are here and they bring all sorts of events including the all inclusive office party where we celebrate Hanukah with a Christmas and Christmas with a Menorah, everyone let’s their guard down just a bit including the boss man or woman.

The behavior and antics are the stuff of many a Monday morning conversations and legends for years to come.

This where I come in, I’m a friend, stand-in, wingman date for a woman whose office beau called it quits at the worst time.

My mission should I decide to accept it is to dress up, look good, show up and make that bastard wonder what’s going on. I know who would think grown folk act like this but what else am I doing, besides there’s an open bar and food.

With my suit and tie carefully chosen by her, my contribution was our fragrances of the night. I wanted something that would be a head turner or at the very least scents that would generate questions or compliments which could lead to conversations (one of the reasons I love to wear colognes).

With this in mind, for the lady I would like to suggest something that alluring, sexy and warm:

L'Instant de Guerlain for women - Released in 2003 was my top pick. My thoughts were this would be a fragrance that would speak for a mature (mature-a term our little mission couldn’t be classified as) and sexy lady by saying “c’mere boy come and get me.”

L'Instant de Guerlain creates this atmosphere by featuring:

·Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Red Apple

·Middle Notes-Iris, Jasmine, Magnolia Ylang Ylang

·Base Notes- Amber, Benzoin, Musk, Vanilla, White Honey

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier for women-Released in 1993 is my second choice for a head turning sexy cologne. Released 18 years ago I reckoned not many women would know what it was. The chances of every intern in the room wearing Classique (think Coach Poppy 2010) were minimal at best.

I had three thoughts when I came up with this scent, the first was I wanted something with mood elevating notes, the second was I wanted something for her that had aphrodisiac properties and the third was I was looking for something that was strong and would last and not be sweated off when as the nerves kicked in if her ex showed

The warmth in this fragrance is provided courtesy of the citrus notes brought to you by the bergamot and mandarin orange. The sexy and alluring elements come from the vanilla and ylang-ylang, both of these notes are known aphrodisiacs akin to pheromones. If this guy gets a whiff of this he may think about what he’s missing or so my friend hopes.

As a guy, I know this can go a few ways, two of which she probably won't like. One way is her plan will work creating renewed interest at which point he'll beat me up, fall at her feet and ask for her back. Not likely but one can hope.

The second possible outcome is her plan may work but if this guy has been in the dating game too long, he's going to wait a long time before letting her know it worked. Longer than she'll want to wait.

The last possible outcome and most likely is it won't work at all.

Classique was just the ticket by providing us with:

·Top Notes-Orange Blossom, Mandarin Orange, Pear, Rose, Star Anise

·Middle Notes-Ginger, Orchid, Orris, Plum, Ylang Ylang

·Base Notes-Amber, Musk, Vanilla

The citrus notes would (orange blossom, mandarin orange) would bless us with a mood boosting blast as it was sprayed on. I also wanted to spice it up just a little with the star anise which seems to leave right as the ginger middle note appears and right in the nick of time.

While my friend wasn’t dateless, she was there with me, “just a friend.” This I’m sure doesn’t compare to a real date with someone who left you. Loneliness and depression may decide to creep into the evening.

The ginger would be there to head these feelings off at the pass or at least take their guns away and minimize the amount of havoc they could wreak on the night.

Gucci Rush for women- Bringing up the rear, released in 1999 is my final possible head turning choice. I chose this simply because it smells good in my humble opinion. Gucci Rush for women features:

·Top Notes- Gardenia, Freesia, Peach

·Middle Notes-Coriander, Damask, Jasmine, Rose

·Base Notes-Patchouli, Vanilla, Vetiver

My hidden agenda or secret reason I chose this perfume is equally as simple as my first reason, I’m trying to stack the deck and keep my friend calm once we arrive at the party. I hoped to achieve this with the coriander essences which help to get a person’s mind straight and bring their feelings up, something that would come right on time for a person who was just dumped.

The jasmine and patchouli have the effects of balancing, calming, grounding and soothing the emotions and can help develop euphoric feelings. Again something my friend would really need right about now. The vetiver helps get rid of anger and attitude which of course is will not be in short supply if things go south as I’m hoping they won’t.

What will happen at the party? Will the recently dumped melt down and flip out on her ex? What cologne will the friend in need/wing man wear to the party? Will he drink too much Jack Daniels and use it as an excuse for sleeping with his with his obviously vulnerable friend.

Find out here, same hub time, same hub channel.


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    • kids-toy-box profile image

      kids-toy-box 5 years ago

      Some great tips! Choosing a fragrance should be one of personal choice not just buying them for the sake of wearing ones favorite celebrity brand perfume.