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Christopher Kane's Neon Explosion Fall 2010

Updated on September 20, 2010

London Fashion week could barely contain the color explosion that was Christopher Kane's ready to wear collection, so hold onto your socks, this is going to be a wild ride. This year it's all pretty and feminine from Christopher Kane – in a subdued way that will burn your eyes out. Floral prints are pretty, and often steal focus when used in traditional female garments, but neon floral prints are not content merely to steal focus. No. They are not satisfied until they've kidnapped your focus in a dark alley and slapped it about for their amusement.

Christopher Kane is well known for his penchant for bright colors and traditional feminine cuts combined in monster outfits that make lesser designers shed tears of envy, and this collection advances his earlier works in a way that is sure to cement his place in fashion history.

This is a ready to wear collection that is actually far too awesome to actually wear. Very few women will have the cajones to wear these pieces as they were intended to be worn, partially for fear of drawing too much attention to themselves, party for fear of being mistaken for large candies and set upon by small feral children raised in organic communes.

In contrast to the use of florid neon, the clothes themselves are cut with a delightful simplicity occasionally adorned with pleats. Cardigans also saw an airing, creating a sort of paradox in which the eye recognizes that these are items of clothing that one's grandmother would have worn as a girl, yet they are colored in such a bright modern style that young people these days could also wear them without being shoved into lockers for being desperately without sense of fashion.

According to's review of the collection, Christopher Kane is known for subversion with thin belts. I have no comprehension of what that could even begin to mean, but I approve of it inherently. Fashion should be subversive, it should be interesting, it should challenge the retinas of those who look upon it, or else what good is it at all?

It is unlikely that many items from Christopher Kane's ready to wear collection will make it into the mainstream, but it is highly likely that Christopher Kane has irrevocably influenced fashion in the coming seasons. We can expect to see much more neon in fall and perhaps even winter wear, along with bold prints, and acid inspired designs.

Go go neon dresses!


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