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Vintage Circle Skirts Reloaded In Fall 2010

Updated on April 12, 2011

The trend of ripping trends from years gone past continues this fall / spring (depending on hemisphere), causing concern that by the end of the season we could very well be dressing in cave person inspired furs.

For starters the 70's were on the fall hit list, with high waisted pleated pants and shiny blouses hitting the fashion lines with a vengeance. Then came the 60's with boxy handbags, flowing furs and a rabid anti-war stance. Now we're back in the 50's with circle skirts, which can just as easily be made from old sheets and curtains as they can be bought from stores, making them potential recession chic.

Circle skirts are well regarded for their flattering cut, which will always disguise the sins of large thighs (in a bizarre world where owning thighs that aren't twigs is somehow a basis for the condemnation of a person,) however it will also cover the derriere, which gives this skirt the single handed power to bring down the entire Kardashian franchise in one fell swoop, if they can only be persuaded to wear them.

You can purchase circle skirts in a wide variety of locations. For starters, your local clothing stores and boutiques will probably stock some in the coming months, but if the idea of paying full price for a trend that was condemned before you were born strikes you as fiscally imprudent, there are plenty of vintage skirts that can be purchased in thrift stores, and of course, on the Internet, where anything of any value whatsoever will eventually end up listed in an Ebay auction.

If you wish to make your own circle skirt, a simple circle skirt can be made with a large piece of fabric (like the aforementioned sheet or old pair of curtains,) which is cut into one large outer circle that becomes the hem, and a smaller circle which is cut in the middle of the larger circle and becomes the waist of the garment when it is stitched to a strip of elastic.

Circle skirts are easily made by anyone who can successfully adjust the tension on a sewing machine (a task easier said than done), and who wants to get back in touch with the elemental nature of clothing, in much the same way that creating a home cooked meal puts one back in touch with one's elemental cooking roots.

If you've been yearning to save a little money and create a garment that you can tell people you made without them banding together in the night and planning an intervention for you, then the circle skirt is an excellent, on trend place to start.

Go forth and circumnavigate thy skirts!


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