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Citizen Watch Bands: Sizes, Types and How to Choose One

Updated on November 28, 2010

A few years ago I discovered Citizens watches and am now a die hard fan.  I cannot say enough good things about their eco drive technology since I seem to be one of those unfortunate souls who never seems to have the time or motivation to replace my dead watch batteries.  With Citizen eco drive watches, that need is obsolete.  Driven by solar power and a backup lithium battery, your watch will run indefinitely.

Not only are Citizens watches superior, but so are Citizen watch bands.  If you’re lucky enough to be the proud owner of one of these watches, but just need a band replacement, your choices are vast.  My husband purchased the Citizen Eco Drive Canvas Strap Watch as a weekend/sporty watch.  He has loved and adored it so much it was time to find a replacement band.  The canvas had a propensity for collecting dirt, so he wanted to find a nice leather band that would be easier to clean.  We shopped around and found a fantastic selection of choices.  It can be a little confusing making sure you’re getting the right band, so I’m hoping to shed a little light on the sizes and types of Citizen watch bands to make this easier for you.

Sizes of Citizen Watch Bands

Band Size

Your first task is to determine what band size you need and there are a number of ways to do that. The bands come in a variety of metric sizes, generally 18 mm, 20 mm 22mm, 24 mm, 26 mm and so on up. Look closely on the underside of your band to see if the band size is visible, no doubt this is the easiest way to determine what size you’ll need. If it’s worn off, you can take the watch into a jeweler to determine its size or measure it yourself. Get a metric ruler and measure the distance between the lugs. The lugs are the extensions on both the top and bottom of watches where the strap is attached, there are a total of four.

Band Length

Next you will need to determine the band length.  Band length is measured in inches, so again you can pull out your handy ruler and measure the length of the band excluding the watch case.  Like the band size, the length should be printed on the underside of the band, so always check there first.  If you have any doubt, I recommend taking your watch to a jeweler

Watch Case Size

In order to get the correct Citizen watch band you will need to measure the watch case size.  Case sizes are measured in inches.  You can always visit the Citizen website to find out the case size of your particular watch.  If the information isn’t available you will need to measure.  Place the case with the 12 o’clock lug pinholes on the top and the 6 o’clock pinholes on the bottom.  The distance between the top and bottom lugs is your watch case size.

Types of Citizen Watch Bands

No doubt, there is some flexibility in the type watch band you choose. Of course, your goal is to be consistent, in other words, you wouldn’t want to put a fussy, ornamental band on a super casual Citizens watch. However, it is always possible change the look of a casual watch with a nice metal bracelet. My husband choose to put a leather band on his casual Citizen Eco Drive Canvas Strap Watch and it gave it a nice makeover, while it kept its casual look. It’s up to you, really.

Leather Citizen Watch Bands
Leather Citizen Watch Bands

Citizen Watch Bands: Leather Bracelets and Straps

Citizen has a whole host of leather watch bands from the plain to the textured, like the alligator pattern.  Additionally, they come in a wide variety of colors, the most common are black and brown.  Many are made of leather pig skin.

Citizen Watch Bands:  Flexible Style
Citizen Watch Bands: Flexible Style

Citizen Watch Bands: Metal Stretch Bands

The metal stretch bands are appropriate for many kinds of watches; ladies and men’s dress watches, sports watches, diving watches and casual watches alike.  The stretching metal band comes in either a two toned or solid stainless steel (in gold or silver).  These flexible bands are great for people who have difficulty securing watch bands.  

Citizen Watch Bands: Metal Bracelets

These are generally seen on dress watches since they air on the fancy side.  In fact, some of the Citizen metal bracelets adorned with Svarovski crystals and other gems.  Some of the dressiest stainless steel bands are quite small in width, some are only 6 mm.  Many have hidden bangle bracelet clasps to hide unsightly locking mechanisms.  One of the best features of many of these Citizen watch bands is the quick and easy release push button clasp.  Instead of trying to locate the hidden clasp, you just push a little button and off it goes.  Called a Deployment Clasp with Push Button (DCP), it can be used on leather bands as well.

Citizens Skyhawk Watch
Citizens Skyhawk Watch

Citizen Watch Bands: Rubber Watch Bands

Many of Citizen’s most popular diving and sports watches have rubber straps. Obviously, they make a lot of sense if you are constantly getting your watch wet. Their very popular Angels Skyhawk A-T Chronograph watch comes with a lovely rubber strap, but is also available in a number of additional strap types.

Citizen watch bands even come in canvas.
Citizen watch bands even come in canvas.

Citizen Watch Bands: Canvas Watch Bands

One of their top sellers, the Citizen Eco Drive Canvas Strap Watch comes with a canvas strap.  It has a leather inner-lining to help reinforce it.  The canvas bands are used on their sporty watches.


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