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Citrine - The Synonym of Prosperity

Updated on June 22, 2015

Citrine is one of the most preferred gemstones when it comes to out-of-box jewelry items. This gemstone is known for radiating colorful sparkles, fluctuating from pale yellow to reddish tint. Availability of natural Citrine is quite rare in comparison to amethyst, which is often heated to convert its natural color into that of citrine. It is mainly found in Brazil. It also occurs in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Madagascar and at some places in Bolivia and the United States. Also known as "November Birthstone", the gemstone offers a wide variety of accent stones and seamlessly harmonizes with anything from amethyst to diamond. Offering endless possibilities, Citrine goes well with both gold and silver bands.

How Citrine Can Bring in Good Fortune?

Citrine gemstones are believed to boost prosperity in every phase of the life. Also known as "Merchant Stone", these colorful stones are associated with monetary success from centuries back. Therefore, these are ideal for those who desire richness. In addition, yellow is believed to be an uplifting color, which means presenting your beloved one of these beauties could elevate his or her spirits.

Citrine jewelry often brings a feel of happiness in its wearer. Greek used citrine as a gemstone since the Hellenistic period (Started with Alexander's death in 323 BC and ended with the downfall of the last Hellenistic kingdom in 31 BC). The Greeks and Romans used Citrine for carving and cabochons. Citrine was also used as a protective ornament and for medicinal purposes as it was believed to aid digestion and clean toxins from the body.

Citrine Gemstone
Citrine Gemstone

Advantage Citrine

Citrine fulfills everyone’s requirement by providing the ideal balance of color, clarity, and cuts. Citrine’s presence in any jewelry enhances its style and brilliance. Also, citrine is maintenance-free, in contrast with more popular gemstones such as sapphires or diamonds. Even the minimum care ensures that your stone will remain sparkling for years to come.

Some of the qualities that cast citrine in a different light and lend it attraction and allure are:


The color of natural citrine ranges from pale yellow to golden, with a touch of smoky brownish tones. Sometimes due to natural heating, the gemstone attains deeper shades like from golden orange to rich gold-brown, making the stone more sought after.

Citrine Yellow Gemstome
Citrine Yellow Gemstome

Clarity and Luster

Citrine is well-known for its exceptional transparency. Crystal clear citrine is easily available in the market, leaving no reason for you to go for gemstones with noticeable inclusions. This colorful beauty has an appealing vitreous luster when cut and polished.

Cut and Shape

Round-brilliant and oval-cut citrine gemstones are commonly available as these cuts increase the color concentration and sparkles. For those searching for exclusive jewelry, citrine offers a wide range of options as the stone can be transformed into almost every shape including pears, square, trillion, etc.

Citrine Cut and Shapes
Citrine Cut and Shapes

Popular Citrine Jewelry

Ever since it was first discovered, Citrine has retained its charm. Some of the citrine jewelries that find quite a few takers around the world are:

Citrine Rings

Citrine is found in almost all shapes, starting from round and trillion to marquise, providing a large array of options for you to select from. Getting an eternity or solitaire Citrine ring for your beloved is a perfect way to celebrate and express your love.

Citrine Earrings
Citrine Earrings


Citrine earrings are available in various styles. Most basic forms are stud and drop earrings. Pairing of citrine earrings with matching ring, bracelet or necklace is best way to become the belle of the ball. The ravishing yellow sparkles of citrine will divert all the focus towards you.

Citrine Bracelet
Citrine Bracelet


Citrine bracelets are perfect to add a glittering appeal to your appearance with a flick of a wrist. This beauty radiates yellow glitters to make you look splendid at social gatherings and parties.

Citrine Necklace
Citrine Necklace


The lustrous yellow sparkles radiating from citrine necklace are perfect to transform the looks from casual to classier in seconds. A perfect finery to go with black dress, a citrine necklace is perfect to glamorize your appearance.

Wrapping Up

With the massive popularity enjoyed by this gorgeous Citrine gemstone, it can easily be deduced that coming days would see its popularity soar higher and higher. A prediction that holds enormous possibilities to come true! For example: citrine jewelry items receive a good amount of attention, especially at online bidding portals (like LC). These platforms offer a wide range of beautiful jewelry items to choose from.

Brazilian Citrine

Santa Ana Madeira Citrine


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