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Citrine - healing and magical properties

Updated on February 19, 2015

This sunny shade and alluring golden yellow gemstone hide tremendous magical and healing properties in it. This ultra-gorgeous stone belongs to the quartz family and comes in varied color shades of yellow ranging from golden yellow to honey yellow, pale yellow to bright yellow. This very strong gemstone has been associated with good luck, fortune, wealth, love and happiness from ancient time.


Citrine – a magical stone

This exuberating gemstone is an official birthstone for November and is also a preferred stone for Aries, Gemini, Leo and Libra zodiac signs. This stone is also an ideal gift for 13th wedding anniversary as this stone is associated with youth, love happiness and commitment. This highly appreciable and affordable stone is amazing gift to express your love and appreciation to a valued person in your life. The people born in November are highly benefited from these cheerful qualities of Citrine, it is believed that it makes the owner light-hearted and hopeful.

Citrine Gemstone
Citrine Gemstone

Benefits of Citrine

Astrologers have recommended Citrine widely as this golden yellow gemstone is believed with monetary gain from ages. This stone is often kept in a cash drawer in all types of sales business as it is also called “Merchants Stone". Some other visible benefits of citrine a wearer have noticed life altering effects:

  • Enhances body's healing property and helps on boost physical, emotional, mental energy.
  • Protects from the negative energy.
  • Brings monetary gains and wealth in abundance.
  • Symbolize hope and belief
  • Astrologers recommend it to someone who has suffered financial loss or who has lost job recently.
  • Increase the concentration power.

Citrine healing properties

This shiny and alluring gemstone boost physical stamina and energy also maintains the endocrine system and helps in metabolism. Citrine is beneficial and helps in improving digestive system. As this stone is related with growth and youth, this stone is believed to balance the thyroid and facilitate the diminishment of growths.

Citrine helps in emotional healing

This excellent stone stimulates the mind to accept joy and happiness in one's life and helps in realising anger, negative feelings, fears and destructive fears. Citrine has got the magical powers that aid in overcoming depression and boosts self-esteem. It benefits in letting the past and move forward optimistically. Citrine also enhances your will power that in turn helps in taking difficult decision and faces them and enables it to resolve them.

Citrine Spiritual Energy

Citrine opens the doors to inner thoughts and helps the positive life energy to flow in and helps in relaxing the inner self. The magical golden yellow gemstone is very helpful for those who are very sensitive and vulnerable to paranormal power and influences. T helps the owner as it create a protected aura around the wearer. This stone is talisman in increasing confidence and inner security.

Citrine absorbs positive energy from sunlight and transmits directly to the wearer. Wear this beautiful stone with gold as ring or pendants, while the termination point faces downwards channelize the energy into the body.

Feng Shui benefits with Citrine

Keeping Citrine in the wealth corner of your house brings prosperity and happiness. This gorgeous gemstone will add in your interiors and will blend well with a decoration of your home. Large crystals kept in your home are more preferable but a small one will also play the tricks for you. This Stone carries power of the sun which helps in purifying all negative energies and illuminate positive energy in your home.


This gorgeous stone will bring good fortune and good luck to you. Wear this alluring stone as gorgeously designed ring or pendants, as it is believed more the people envy it more benefits its brings to the bearer. This golden sunny gemstone is famous since past for its beauty, color, and its healing power. Wear it, carry it with you or keep it in your home to stimulate powerful positive energy in you and your environment.

Santa Ana Madre Citrine


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 

      3 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thank you for this informative article. I love citrine. And now I know why.



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