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Clairol Color Blend Foam Hair Dye Review

Updated on November 4, 2011

I envy woman that have never experienced the “joys” of traditional hair dye. I found my first gray hair at the age of 18, but already had years of hair dye experience under my belt. During my teen years, I preferred bright shades of red, purple, and even blue. Since then, I settled on shades of dark brown and black.

During my last hair dye outing, I decided to try one of the foam products on the market. I settled on the Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam because I tried Clairol dyes in the past and liked them. I prefer shades of blue-black, but picked the traditional black shade because Clairol has limited colors available.

The Benefits

First of all, the Clairol foam is the easiest hair dye I ever used. You pour the smaller bottle into the large bottle, insert the pump top, and it is ready for use. It does not require any shaking, like the liquid products do. After a few pumps of the nozzle, the foam comes out as a thick mixture. The consistency of the foam is hard to explain because it is not as thick as shaving cream, but definitely thicker that other foams.

As soon as you apply the mixture, it adheres to your hair. I ran my hands through my hair a few times, making sure that I coated every strand and even leaned over to thoroughly coat the underside. The foam has great sticking power and stayed where I wanted it to stay. With other hair dyes, I get drips on my face, neck, head, and drips on my bathroom sink. The Clairol foam did not even drip on the towel I wrapped around my shoulders.

I also noticed that the Clairol foam rinsed out a lot faster than other dyes do. It went from creamy white to deep brown quickly and after the appropriate time, I rinsed out my hair. Some dyes leave dark brown and black streaks in the shower after rinsing, but this one ran clear.


As great as the Clairol foam seemed in the beginning, it did not hold up well. Though I purchased a black shade, I noticed that my hair did not seem as dark as it should. The darkest black shade Clairol makes turned my already dark brown hair a slightly darker shade of brown.

A few days after dyeing my hair, I caught a glimpse at my reflection and noticed a problem I did not see before. A large section on the left side had slightly red highlights. I asked a friend for help and he found multiple patches of red highlights on the back side of my head and a few along the top. I have no explanation for why a black hair dye left red highlights.

According to Clairol, the foam hair dye lasts for up to eight weeks. I think that is an overestimate. Despite using the included conditioner, the hair dye started washing out after a week. By the end of week three, you could barely tell I dyed my hair at all.

The Bottom Line

I am disappointed by my experiences with the Clairol foam. The dye itself had a light and fresh scent, while the conditioner left my hair silky soft. The conditioner has a pleasing scent that I like even more than my regular shampoo and conditioner. If the color on the box was a true-to-life color and the color actually lasted, I doubt I would ever use another type of hair dye.


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