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Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets For Oily Skin

Updated on September 30, 2014

Sometimes my skin seems to get oily when the weather starts getting warm. I purchased Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets because I wanted to help get rid of the excess oil on my skin. These sheets come in a small, thin container that is easy to carry around in my purse. This product is very effective at absorbing the oil on my face without over drying my skin.

After using these oil absorbing sheets, my face feels and looks more matte. These sheets can be used over makeup without smudging it or wiping it off. I think these sheets do a good job at blotting oily skin, however, it does not last all day for me. I think these sheets are good for temporary oil control and touch ups throughout the day.

I use one sheet at a time when my face is feeling more oily but I have been able to reuse the same sheet when my skin is only slightly oily. The package comes with 50 sheets and I purchased this product for roughly around $5. The sheets are a light blue color, but when I use the sheet to soak up the oil, it turns a darker color and I can see the oily residue that is left behind. This is how I know this product is working to soak up the oil on my skin.

I would recommend Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets to anyone who has oily prone skin. You may want to try this product to see if it will help absorb excess oil and help give your skin a more matte appearance. I have never had any skin irritations or problems from using these sheets. I am pleased with this product and will continue purchasing it during the warmer months when my skin feels more oily.


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