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Cleanse your face like a geisha with Tatcha and QVC

Updated on February 11, 2016

People all over the globe have been fascinated for centuries with the exotic and glamorous charm of the Japanese geisha. Sometimes described as hostesses, courtesans or entertainers, these highly stylized women were specially selected as young girls to apprentice in their seductive charms.

Geishas had many rituals to complete their beauty routines, requiring much discipline. In fact, the neck roll pillow with which we are familiar came into being as a brick that geishas placed under their necks, so as to keep perfect posture and not disturb their elaborate, time-consuming hairdos. Other processes that they had to follow were a traditional, mask-like makeup routine. Their makeup required a heavy white base -- so as to appear to be a perfect, porcelain doll-like creature -- as well as black eyeliner, red eye paste, deep red lipstick, charcoal black eyebrow coloring.

It's a misnomer that such heavy makeup allowed a young lady to have any kind of skin issues underneath and still be able to continue her work. Rather, the cruel reality of white cream makeup is that it highlights in bright relief every single lump, rough patch, blemish or other sore. Not only that, but wearing such sticky cosmetics on a daily basis aggravates existing skin conditions and creates new ones!

It was imperative that the geisha learn to take exquisite care of her complexion. But just how did they do it?

Victoria Tsai set out on a serious expedition to find out just that! Tsai began her career at a tender age: her Asian family had a beauty boutique. She went on to Harvard Business School, worked at large corporations. She herself had severe skin issues. Then, serendipity occurred: she came in contact with a modern day Japanese geisha and was introduced to several volumes of an ancient geisha instruction manual. This manual is considered to be the oldest Japanese beauty book in existence. Fully three chapters deal with creating and maintaining beauty. It's these ideas that formed the basis of Tsai's ensuing beauty company, Tatcha. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Cleansing is the mainstay of any beauty routine, but how to best remove makeup? One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil is their recommended product. Camellia oil is considered to be very close to olive oil, with lots of skin-nutritious fatty acids. The product also contains soothing rice bran oil.

Its application is unique: you apply it to dry skin with dry hands. Remember that! It can take a little bit of time to change from your normal routine. Rinse off with warm water; the oil emulsifies into an easy to rinse milk, floating away your makeup. You won't feel oily or have to use multiple products. That's perfect for those nights when you're most likely to be wearing heavier makeup -- special dates, glamorous occasions. Those late nights are so tempting to flop in bed without washing your face, but that's the last thing you should do! This product is simple to use, with simple ingredients, but outstanding results.

Keeping simplicity in mind, nothing could be easier to get this product than ordering from QVC! You can call them 24 hours a day, order from their web site, their phone app or, for some people across the country, order it straight from your cable tv! In this nasty winter weather season, it's perfect to be able to shop for beauty items without having to leave the house.


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