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Clear Skin Tips from a Dead Serial Killer?

Updated on February 9, 2016

What the....

Did Ed Gein write a book about how to clear acne from the grave? What’s his cure for acne, wearing someone else’s skin? Is he concerned about our skin because he wants to wear it later? Why is Ed Gein writing acne books?!

This might may be what you are thinking when you first see The Real Cure for Acne by Edward Gein. I assure you, it is NOT the serial killer Ed Gein’s ghost coming back to tell us the secrets to flawless skin. This book actually gives highly valuable information on what we can do to be healthier and cure our skin of acne once and for all. It, in fact, does hold the real cure for acne.

The author provides practical and natural solutions for those who are wondering how to get rid of acne. Edward’s approach is simple. He directs us to the most effective natural ingredients available to man both to eat and use on our skin. He provides us with some basic rules for overall good health as well as some foods with qualities that especially benefit our skin. One of his tips is to eat a diet high in vitamin c, for example. He goes in depth to explain why certain properties of foods are helpful in attaining clear skin as well as which foods to look for.

He doesn’t just provide us with a dietary solution to acne. He discusses in length the mental and emotional behaviors that contribute to acne as well as what we can do to change them. He provides a long list of effective stress relievers to help us rebalance our skin and bodies into perfect health. He also explains how we can harness the power of our minds to attain acne-free skin and fast.

Gein’s book is short, simple, and yes, sweet! It provides the acne sufferer with everything he or she needs to know in under two hours of reading so that he or she can get clearer skin in (Gein’s promised) 7 days!

Does this work? I believe yes, it does work. Any solution that tackles the heart of the problem instead of the surface of the problem is always guaranteed to work and Gein does just that. He addresses diet in relation to physical stress as well as eliminating emotional stress. He provides us with the general knowledge that we need to alter our patterns of thinking, in essence, a blueprint for us to engage in the mental work for clearing acne.

This is a comprehensive guide for understanding how to cure acne from every approach available to us. This book helps us understand how to really deal with acne and how to change our habits so that acne can stay gone for good.

Although there may be some gaps in his work, Ed does a magnificent job of laying the foundation for clearing acne permanently. I label it a must read and give it 4 stars! (4 for the gaps and the failure to select a better pen name…)

Cheers! May your future hold clear skin and only clear skin!



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