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Calling Your Angels: A Clearing Essential Oil Blend

Updated on October 25, 2016
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Candice has studied essential oils for over 25 years, and found many helpful natural remedies and treatments for all types of ailments

"Angels have no philosophy but LOVE" -Terry Guillemets
"Angels have no philosophy but LOVE" -Terry Guillemets | Source

Many cultures, as well as many of our ancestors used essential oils in their spiritual practices, by purifying and cleansing their sacred spaces and places of worship, as well as in rituals.

Essential oils are a potent and powerful aid to spiritual attunement, communication, spiritual development, and even angelic connections because of their properties which can act upon our senses by heightening our consciousness through the "soul" of the plants they come from as well as a myriad of other things.

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Essential oils work in an subtle and etheric, but effective way when opening a line of communication with angels. Our sense of smell is directly connected with our brains through the limbic system, and "scent is a form of communication which heightens our consciousness as it carries with it the soul of the plant from which it came. Plants communicate with us on an instinctual and intuitive level by appealing to our sense of smell.There are many different methods of using essential oils to connect with angels and all are beneficial to our body and soul, mind and spirit." Using essential oils is a great way to help open that doorway.

If you are interested in angel work, or connecting with your angels then first you've got to clear the way for them to enter your space. This hub will help you create a special essential oil blend to do just that. You may also wish to play a specific angelic cd or music that will help set the mood for your connecting with angels time.

A spiritual cleansing of a sort is needed to clear the way for you to be able to connect fully with your spiritual side, as well as for angels to be able to give you clear messages.

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A Guide To Connecting With Your Angels- this guide is the perfect place to begin your angelic connection work.

Your angels will love that you want to connect with them and will always be there for you no matter if you believe in them or not. It is their job to be there regardless of what you may say or do.

But before you jump in ask yourself why you want to connect with your angels. Is there a specific question you have for them, are you interested in deepening your spiritual connection with the divine, or are you just curious about angels? It's always good to have a clear and concise picture of what you want before diving into a spiritual practice, and knowing what your reasons are is just as important as the connection itself.

Clearing the Way for Angels Essential Oil Blend

First gather the ingredients and utensils you'll need:

  • 4 oz spray bottle
  • pipettes for measuring essential oils
  • essential oils of: angelica seed, basil, benzoin, black pepper, clary sage, frankincense, atlas cedarwood, pine, jasmine, juniper, myrrh, hyssop, sage, clove, ginger, rosemary, cinnamon, orange sweet, caraway seed.
  • 1/4 to 1/2 oz. vodka (*optional, but recommended)
  • 1/2 oz fractionated coconut oil
  • distilled water

Here's the recipe for your Clear the Way for Angels essential oil blend spray:

  • 1 drops angelica seed,
  • 2 drops basil,
  • 1 drop benzoin,
  • 2 drops black pepper,
  • 4 clary sage
  • 7 drops frankincense,
  • 7 drops atlas cedarwood,
  • 2 drops pine,
  • 2 jasmine
  • 5 drops juniper,
  • 5 drops myrrh,
  • 8 drops hyssop,
  • 1 drop sage,
  • 2 drops ginger,
  • 3 drops rosemary,
  • 1 drop cinnamon,
  • 2 drops caraway seed
  • 5 drops orange sweet

You don't necessarily need every one of these essential oils for this blend to work. Just choose your favorites, or the oils that speak to you from this list. Just make sure the total drops equal about 10-15 drops per oz for an aromatic spritzer or room fragrancing spray. So that would mean about 40-60 drops for a four oz bottle.

First, measure the vodka and add to your bottle, then add essential oils to this. Swirl well to blend as you go, close bottle tightly, and set to the side for about a week in a dark place. It isn't absolutely necessary if you're in a hurry, but waiting will allow the blend to meld and become harmonized into a syncronistic blend. After a week, add the fractionated coconut oil, and then fill up the rest of the bottle with distilled water. Shake well. Add a label to your bottle so you know what it is and the date you made it.

Make sure to shake before each use. (You don't have to let the blend sit for a week if you want to use it right away, but it really does help the blend meld better and helps dissipate the alcohol smell if you leave it alone for awhile before adding the water and using, but it isn't imperative). You can also add a little more vodka if you like a more ethereal blend to make it almost like a perfume-type spray.

Connecting with Angels

Have you ever tried connecting with your angels before?

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