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Clinique Bonus Time 2011 Guide for those who hate to come back disappointed

Updated on August 28, 2011

When is Clinique Bonus Time

Of all the lavishly advertised cosmetic brands bearing huge promises, Clinique follows a unique yet generous way to make the product reach those who cannot afford to buy and try all of its products. And that rare chance named "Clinique Bonus Time" comes four times a year, one per season. It is a time when you get a pretty bag full of assorted cosmetics relevant to the season, free. But the Bonus is widely tracked and followed by people that if you visit a store 3 days after the offer is announced, you may have to return back disappointed.

To get up-to-date information about when it is Clinique Bonus Time and where, check out Clinique Bonus Time blog.

Clinique Bonus Time online

There is good news this year! You don't have to face the struggle of going all the way to a Clinique counter, for can avail the Bonus Time free gift online. Visit to place your orders. For every purchase of just $21.50, you can get free cosmetics worth $90. But beware! The demand is all the more larger online. Always, be the early bird to get your prey.

Clinique Bonus Time at Fraser

Date: 12th May- 28th May

Hurry to Fraser before stocks last to get deluxe-sized make-up and skin care products. Get free suggestions from Clinique Consultant on the right foundation suitable to your skin to help your skin stay glowing even after a long,sunny day. 

Bonus Time Gifts for her

  1. Flower make-up bag
  2. 7 day scrub cream rinse off formula
  3. Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturiser
  4. Superbalanced foundation
  5. Blended face powder with invisible blend formula
  6. High Impact mascara
  7. Superbalm moisturising gloss in Grapefruit
  8. Foundation and blusher brush 
I recently bought the foundation and blusher brush separately and it cost me $24. 

Bonus Gift for Him

It is at Fraser that Clinique has introduced Bonus gifts for men too. The list predominantly includes products to protect your skin before and after shaving. Men generally have a tendency to spend lavishly on everything other than cosmetics or whatever name the male version of cosmetics is given. So the gift is a good way to introduce a man to the sophistication of a branded cosmetic. 
  1. Liquid face wash Regular Strength
  2. Scruffing Lotion 2.5
  3. M Protect SPF 21
  4. M-Shave Aloe Gel
  5. Post-Shave Healer

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