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Clipless Curling Wands- The Best Selling Clipless Curling Irons, Where to Buy Them and How to Use Them

Updated on September 13, 2012

The New Craze

Most of us have our traditional curling irons that clip onto our hair causing indents in our hair if not done "perfectly." A lot of times it seems that the curls don't even stay in our hair for a very long period of time. There are also those annoying springs that seem to come lose after awhile. It's also very difficult when we are pressed for time to try to curl our whole head with these curling irons.

Now, there are clipless curling irons/wands that give the perfect curl and can be done during our rushed morning routine. Since they have no clip, you just wrap your hair around the wand, hold for just a few seconds, and pull the wand out in an upward manner for a beautiful bouncy curl. You can use larger pieces of hair to make larger, more natural curls. What's even better is they hold all day long in all hair types.

This article is a review on some of the top selling curling wands, how to use them, and where you can purchase them. It is worth it to make the switch to these new wands, they create much more beautiful curls in minutes that last all day!

The Sultra Bombshell Curling Wand 1"

The Bombshell curls your hair in half the time of traditional clip irons. The Japanese Kyocera Ceramic Technology mends and defends hair while you style. It has a durable, lightweight construction and you only need to simply wrap the hair around the rod barrel for smooth, sultry curls.

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Clipless Curling Wand 1"

My person favorite is Paul Mitchell Clipless Curling Iron Clipless Wand, it can make your curl last for as long as two to three days. With advanced and easy to use features included by the company, it is easy for you to use this product even at home. You can create large or small curls that look smooth and bouncy. The iron is currently only available at a limited number of stores but mostly through beauty specialists.

Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron 3/4"

This new clipless iron offers an exclusive ultra polished barrel for the smoothest, long lasting curls, adjustable, digital temperature control to 350F for all hair textures, unique ceramic heating technology for faster heat-up time and more consistent temperature and heat resistant grip, protective kickstand and auto shut-off provides superior protection and comfort in styling. It comes in different sizes but the most popular is the 3/4" size.

Hot Tools Nano Tapered Iron 1"

This more consumer friendly iron has a nanoceramic ultra smooth surface for frizz-free styles, provides maximum heat curl after curl, rheostat control to adjust temperature, foldaway safety stand and variable heat settings for more fragile hair. This tool has become very popular amongst consumers because of it's reasonable price. You can find it online for a great price or in a local beauty store.

Chi Orbit Styling Tool 1"

Chi Orbit Reversal is a curling iron that gives a unique shape giving different results to each curl, creating different textures for the ultimate finished look. Each Chi Orbit iron is finished with a non stick surface, which eliminates hair from getting caught, tangled or pulled leaving every curl smooth and relaxed.

Farenheit 4 in 1 Clipless Curling Iron

The wand is great because it comes with 4 interchangeable wands of all sizes. The negative ion technology promotes silky, smooth hair. Far-infrared technology distributes even heat, preventing damage. It heats up to 430F, and has a variable temperature control. It also has a swivel base so your cord never gets tangled.

This Technique is The Same for ALL Clipless Curling Irons

A Few Tips

I personally recommend purchasing a tapered iron (one with a barrel that isn't all one size), it allows for more relaxed curls and will give each curl a different look making your hair have a more natural appearance.

As a beginner a highly recommend purchasing a heat resistant glove. It can be easy to burn yourself on these wands in the beginning.

To achieve the best look, leave texture in your hair. When you get out of the shower air dry or blow dry without round brushing. This will allow the curls to hold better. You can also lightly spray hair spray on each section for additional hold and/or add a gel or product that smooths out the hair before curling. Brush each section before you curl so that it is smooth.

The larger section of hair you use the larger the curl and vice versa. When using the wand start wrapping your hair at the base of your wand and go down. Try not to overlap hair on the wand so that the heat can be evenly distributed making an even curl. It only requires 5-6 seconds of you holding the hair on the wand to achieve the right look. If you wrap your hair loosely around the wand you will have a more relaxed curl with a wavy appearance. When you are finished each curl, while your hair is still warm, comb through with fingers to separate the pieces to make it more natural so that the hair all flows together. If you are creating large curls you do not need to separate your hair with your fingers. When you are finished spray a little hairspray (although you may not need it the curls hold on their own) and some shine spray to really enhance the look of the curls.

At first it seems overwhelming, but it really becomes much easier and less time consuming than your traditional curling iron. It also created beautiful flowing curls that can last all day or even longer! The curls come out much smoother than any spring iron will ever be able to do.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Wonderful product overview.

    • BeautySavvy22 profile image

      Alyssa 5 years ago from York, Pennsylvania

      Thank you Carol! I think you'd really love the way these make your hair look once you get used to it!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I use a curling iron and enjoyed reading and learning on this hub. Always good to find a better product for what you do. Thanks for sharing all the information.