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Clog Shoes Through The Ages

Updated on March 21, 2011

Years ago, clog shoes were crafted entirely of wood and modeled after the well known Dutch shoes. Factory employees all across Europe chose to wear wooden clog shoes because wood was available in abundance, clog shoes were quite durable and rather inexpensive, and the shape of the shoes gave relief to aching feet during long, arduous days at the work stations.

Clog Shoes Are Ergonomic

Historically, shoe artisans note that clog shoes held an elevated position in the development of footwear by being worthy of mention in politics. At the time of the European Industrial Revolution, unruly factory workers threw their clog shoes into the equipment to halt production during a labor strike. Due to that historic role, French people refer to clog shoes as sabots, named after the word for sabotage.

Some colorful authentic clog shoes.
Some colorful authentic clog shoes.

Later in years, clog shoes were crafted with two-piece designs, with the soles still being made of cork or wood, but the top parts were changed to leather. Clog shoes are usually designed as backless footwear with covered toes. Despite the design changes throughout the years, one feature remains consistent in clog shoe design; the bottom parts of them are shaped with upward curvature from the middle of the foot to the toes. That curved portion allows a heel to ball type of stride that is undemanding on the feet, while the curve of the inside base provides proper support for legs and feet.

Cute women's modern clog shoes.
Cute women's modern clog shoes.

Clog Shoes Suit Almost Everyone!

 A lot of people find clog shoes extremely comfortable, and they ideal for workers who spend many hours standing or walking. People who work long hours, such as doctors, medical assistants and nurses, have adopted the clog as their number one choice of shoe. However, clog shoes are wonderful for people from all paths of life and are available in women's, men's, and children's sizes.

Today, clog shoes are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles. Some clog shoes are simple or plain, while others are available with many fashion details like embossed designs, charming patterns, or decorative straps. The top portion on clog shoes can be made of suede, leather, plastic, or cloth. Flexible and lightweight designs are now made completely of manufactured plastic compounds, and have eliminated wood entirely.

Birkenstock makes cute clog shoes for kids!
Birkenstock makes cute clog shoes for kids!

Everyone Is Making Clog Shoes!

Quality shoe makers have followed suit of the many companies manufacturing clog shoes; companies like L.L. Bean, Dansko and Birkenstock now offer comfortable and stylish pairs of clog shoes.

Clog shoes have been a popular choice for many generations, and they will likely endure well into the future. They can be worn as garden shoes, a fashion statement or as work wear. Despite their somewhat demure appearance, clog shoes have endless loyal fans due to their comfort, durability and versatility.

Some Adorable Clog Shoes You Can Buy Online!

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