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Clothes for zumba

Updated on April 4, 2012

Zumba Top

Look awesome for Zumba!

If you have been working out in Zumba classes or using the Zumba DVD, you may want to invest in some Zumba clothes. Zumba is a great way to get in shape, its fun and it doesn't feel like exercise! If you are going to exercise with the Zumba Fitness programme, it is definitely worth buying some clothes for your Zumba workout. You can of course wear any exercise clothes when working out, but if you are serious about working out to Zumba you will need clothes that will help aid your movement when dancing.

What to look for when buying Zumba Clothing

When you are looking for Zumba clothing, bear in mind that you will be dancing in them for a couple of hours at a time. You need to be able to move freely and be comfortable when doing Zumba and you should remember this when purchasing the right clothing.

Here are some things to remember when you buy Zumba Clothing

  • Make Sure you are comfortable and that it lets you move, before you buy the items, try them on, then jump and move around in them in the changing room to make sure they are comfortable. If you are in the changing room no one can see you! So go on! jump and bend and stretch in them before you buy it.
  • Don't forget you need support! Make sure you have a sports bra, while all the jumping around might feel fine while you are exercising, there is nothing worse than a sore chest the next day. Make sure you give your chest plenty of support to avoid pain later.
  • Get Breathable materials. You will be working up a sweat in Zumba, its a high impact activity. You need to make sure that you buy clothes with fabric that will make you feel light and free throughout the workout. Most modern sports clothes have breathable fabric, but make sure it states on the label that it is breathable.
  • Make sure it looks good! If you look good you will be happier and you will work out harder. There are plenty of fashionable and flattering workout clothes available in lots of nice colours. Go on treat yourself, and look great!
  • Go for a good brand of clothing, you want it to last not look awful after the first wash. If you are serious about Zumba you need a good set of clothes that will last you a while. Luckily there are plenty of big brands to choose from that are fashionable and high quality!

ZUMBA® Fitness!!!

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