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Collagen: The Building Blocks of Skin

Updated on February 23, 2020

What is collagen?

Collagen is inside our body and is the most plentiful protein we have providing us with structure to our skin. Collagen accounts for around a third of our body’s protein composition. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and is the major component of connective tissues that make up our body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles.

What happens to collagen as we age?

As we age, the collagen production simply slows down resulting in our skin becoming thinner, more fragile and less plump. As the collagen and elastin become less firmly connected in our skin, wrinkles and lines will start to appear. As our collagen breaks down, our skin cell growth also slows down, which means that dead cells do not shed themselves away quickly, causing our skin to look tired and dull.

What can you do?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can slow down the loss of collagen and regain your youthful appearance. Ageing is not the sole reason of collagen loss, there are many other factors which contribute to the ageing process. From environmental factors to diet to sun damage. To prevent these signs is it important to follow certain lifestyle habits.

Here are a few lifestyle tips to help steal back your youthfulness:

  • Wear a daily moisturiser which includes sunscreen. Even when its cloudy, your skin should always be protected from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Use Retinol based creams (do not take if you are pregnant). Retinoids will protect and strengthen your skin as its ages.
  • Regular facials, peels and laser can work wonders on your skin. Recommend a visit to Dr Maryam Zamani, the go to facial aesthetic doctor in London. If there is one person who knows how to restore your youthful glow, it’s her.
  • Make sure you are getting your beauty sleep and drinking plenty of water as these two are the most important factors to keep your body, your mind and your skin feeling young.

The products to use and why?

Retinol Skin Booster

This product has been designed to combat early signs of ages. The ingredients this luxury product contains work by to re-building and repairing the skin’s surface.

• Smooths and re-builds skin’s surface to combat signs of ageing
• Aids skin’s natural repair system
• Improves texture, tone and effects of photo-ageing due to sun exposure
• Boosts collagen production to improve skin’s strength, elasticity and firmness

Not suitable for those who are pregnant.

Tone & Lift

A facial roller to activate and balance the positive and negative ions responsible for ageing, simultaneously defending skin from surrounding environmental aggressors. Its added acupressure pods apply light pressure to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities, resulting in skin that is less puffy, more even-toned and definitively radiant.

• Balance over-exposure caused by ageing-positive ions

• Utilise acupressure to gradually stimulate body’s key healing points
• Lymphatic drain you to improve fluid retention, circulation and reduce puffiness


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