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Bright Color Returns For Spring 2011

Updated on November 19, 2012

Spring Into Color

Top 10 Pantone colors for womens wear chosen by New York designers for Spring 2011.  Beeswax, Russet, Regatta, Blue Curacao and Lavender were also chosen for menswear.
Top 10 Pantone colors for womens wear chosen by New York designers for Spring 2011. Beeswax, Russet, Regatta, Blue Curacao and Lavender were also chosen for menswear.

The Effects of Color

It was a long cold winter replete with record snow fall, but alas, it is now spring and there is light shining at the end of the tunnel to chase away those winter doldrums and welcome in the beautiful bounty of spring in all her glory! There is finally something to be excited about! Color has made a dramatic return for spring 2011 and a very welcome one! Many would agree that vibrancy and energy would be a welcome change given the current state of our economy.

Color can lift the spirits and breathe new life into a wardrobe, living space or work environment. Color is alive with electricity and energy as evidenced by the effects that it has on us. For example, red is considered to be the color of love and passion. It has also been known to stimulate the senses and increase blood pressure. This may make red seem like a great color choice for passionate encounters in the bedroom with your significant other; however, you may want to reconsider that paint choice as too much stimulus can interfere with our normal sleep cycles. On the other hand a shade of red may be a great color choice for the dining room because it stimulates the appetite.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have blue; considered to be the color of calm, peacefulness and tranquility; seemingly a much better color choice for the bedroom. Just take a look at a clear blue sky on a gorgeous sunny day or the water on that island paradise that you've been saving up for and take note of how it makes you feel.

Color Packs a 1-2 Punch For Spring!

It is already clear to see that color reigns supreme this season. Have you seen the latest women's fashion magazine covers? In Style, Essence, Lucky...the list goes on. Color is all the latest rage, but not to worry that this is a passing trend, as designers are moving forward with color into the fall season as well. However, for now, let's focus on all that Spring has to offer us in terms of color.

Coral shades, from softer shades to bright and happy, along with honeysuckle and shocking pink shades exude both bold and pretty femininity. Juicy citrus shades of lemon, lime and tangerine beckon to us in shocking neon shades as well as in more subdued hues all the while leaving a freshness to lead us into the next season. Go green with hues found in nature such as grass, olive and pea shades. Blues are prominent this season is irresistible shades reminiscent of island waters and nautical dreams and don't forget navy, baby, along with white; staples every spring. The more ethereal colors of lavender, pale peachy blushed hues and soft silvery gray shades bring a balanced and pretty femininity to an exciting and bold season of color.

How to Wear Bright & Bold Color

Take a cue from last week’s live performance of Chris Brown performing "Yeah 3x" on Dancing With The Stars! (Catch it on You Tube if you missed it). The intensity of the brightly-colored suits worn by Chris Brown and his dancers helped to create an infectious and electrifying performance. Chris wore a vibrant red suit with patent leather black cording and suspenders in a very non-traditional way. He was accompanied by six male dancers suited up in an array of vivid colors; pale lime, aqua, blue curacao, sunny yellow, honeysuckle and persimmon. You may not want to add such big purchase items to your wardrobe, like say a coral suit, but you can always add freshness and visual excitement to your existing wardrobe with just a touch of color.

If donning head to toe bright color is not your style, not to worry.Go for a monochromatic look and make a statement with eye catching color accents a la The Black Eyed Peas in their performance of "Just Can't Get Enough" on American Idol. Each group member donned white as a dedication and show of love and support for Japan. However, the use of color amid a sea of white could not be denied. Each group member's ensemble focused on a different color accent; with a burnt orange, with neon green and Taboo with regatta blue. Fergie especially rocked the color quotient with peapod colored nails, a sun yellow and a coral enamel ring; each replete with rhinestones for extra sparkle, electric orange bracelet and yellow & pea pod enamel drop earrings with rhinestones.

So, go on, don't be afraid; embrace that color you've always wanted to try and accentuate the positive with color play this spring! Use colorful accessories to liven up your existing wardrobe whether it is a bag, hat, a piece of jewelry, a scarf or those coveted designer pumps. Also try cosmetics to add a little color sizzle to your look and a spring to your step. Let’s add some color to our lives for a change of pace and a little excitement, or maybe a little more peacefulness if you prefer. Here’s to a colorful change of season, embrace it!

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      Charon 6 years ago

      I'm so glad that spring will be here shortly, and the that BRIGHT colors are back!! Great read Ty!