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Colorful Sneakers Fashion Trend

Updated on September 6, 2016

Fashion No Longer Ends With Clothing

In the past, although there were some colored sneakers, the majority of them were born as white leather. Even when cloth ones were available, at the beginning, they were simple and plain. Nothing like today's amazing creations.

Fashion forward and we now have sneakers in every color that you can imagine. Sneakers come in plain colors, patterns, stripes and textured accents. If you can imagine it in a fabric or a texture, you can probably find a close representation in a sneaker.

Contrasting Colors or Designs


Contrasts Are Fun

It used to be that if you got a sneaker, the colors were decided by the manufacturer when they designed shoes for that season.

With the advent of the internet, you can now design a shoe that is precisely designed to your tastes.
Want a shoe that is brown on the outside with jazzy stripes on the inside? Check it out! Want to have beige on one side and light blue on the other with a green interior? You can get it done. Search for your favorite brand and see if they have a customization area on their website.

Keds is one of the sites where the customization can get very detailed. The shoe will be one of a kind when you are through. Playing with these tools can be a lot of fun as well, showing you areas of customization that you may not have considered before.


Don't Forget Vintage

In the 80s, plaids, pastels, splashes and loads of fun designs made their appearance in the fashion world. It was considered bold and cutting edge.

Look online at vintage, check resale shops and see if you can get a great pair of shoes that will look like no one else. These shoes are pre worn and loved, and the personality that they have is tremendous. My favorite sneakers are a pair that I bought in resale. Cream colored with faded dots all over them, I feel happy when I look down and see them on my feet.

Other places to look are on online auction sites, such as eBay. A friend scored a pair of leopard High top Converse. They were a little pricey, but she really wanted them and they do look really cool when paired with a pair of skinny jeans, or, when she paired them with a pencil skirt, it was rockabilly amazing at it's finest!


Care of Your Colored Shoe

The colors may be rich and vibrant now, but take a moment to learn about the care of your shoe. If you have a bright color, how can you clean spots and stains? Check the website of the manufacturer. Some shoes can be machine washed, others are supposed to be spot treated only. I even called a dry cleaner to see if they did shoes. They referred me to a shoe repair place, who referred me back to the dry cleaner! If in doubt, don't!

A favorite pair of sneakers I own can be washed in the washer, but I am supposed to line dry them if I want to preserve the color. Another pair is spot clean only. Read the care label before you buy.


Make Your Outfit Fun With Colored Sneakers

When wearing colored sneakers, look at your whole outfit.

In the example photo, look at the pants and the shoes together. The cornflower blue sneakers match very well with the bluebonnet blue pants. The whole outfit is pulled together because of these two elements. Try to make a fun statement with your sneakers.

I like matching, same color and hue, but I also like opposites. What is one of the opposites of blue? Yellow! Yellow and blue look amazing together. I really like the way that they blend, it is a "sun in the sky" look. If in doubt, look at a color wheel to find some really good matches.


Customize Shoelaces

Don't forget the style of color does not stop with the shoe. You can make your laces different colors, different lacing patterns, and even use two laces in each shoe to give a very distinctive look.

Using different laces also means that you can change them out if you want to match a special outfit as well.

Custom laces can be bought all over the place, and some of the choices are really cool! There are now spiral laces, rainbow laces, stripes, animal prints, clouds, clowns, lips, sailboats and more. Additionally, there are now silicon tabs that you can put in place of laces that give the shoe a very tailored look. The possibilities are only limited by your search query on any of the popular search sites and online stores. I just saw glow in the dark laces yesterday online and I ordered a few pairs, because I think that they will look really cool with a pair of white shoes I already own for going out in the evening for a walk.


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