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Hair Coloring a Brunette

Updated on October 14, 2012
hair color swatch
hair color swatch

Brunette hair color

OK, so you want to look pretty good without breaking the bank. I am here to tell you that only a small percentage can actually use color straight off the shelf. The manufacturers like Clairol make their best attempt to make a brown or blonde that can match as many women as they can. But each person has a little more red or ash in their chemical make-up. Have you ever noticed a woman's hair being to red or having a slight tinge of green.? How about the person whose hair just looks black and fried.

To figure out your own natural color, you will need to go to a place like Sally Beauty who sells to the public. They usually have hair color swatches. Try matching your natural color to one of the swatches. Once you determine what your hair swatch number is, you can pick a color. EI: 4N. You will need to decide, if you want permanent, semi permanent or grey coverage. Again talk to a sales person at Sally Beauty.

TIP : If your have brown eyes, you have a 99% chance of having more red undertones.

TIP: Look at your brows, that is a helpful hint to picking natural color

TIP: Brunette colors start at the number 1 (black) and stop at 5 (med. Dark brown).

TIP: Brunettes can only go blonde with bleach. This is something that a professional stylist should do.

TIPS: Always, Always follow manufacturer instructions. Always protect your eyes. Always do a test patch of color where you can see it but also cover it if you don't like it. This will avoid an entire redo. Always wear gloves when applying color. Discard any leftover used color.

I think most individuals with dark brown hair, should not try to go blonde with box shelf color. It It should be done professionally at a salon. The results are far superior and the likely hood of getting orange roots or looking brassy is unlikely. As a professional myself, we have the color mixing knowledge to achieve the desired blonde. One size fits all color- box will not do the trick, especially if you have dark brown hair to begin with.

I have never ever seen any Do -it-yourself highlights/streaking look nice. Infact, most who try it themselves, end-up in a salon correcting their haircolor. Color corrections can start at 150.00 and up. It can take 2 visits, sitting in a chair with color for 4 hours each. What they sell in the boxes are not chemically going to give you that pale blonde. This process to go blonde or platinum needs to be done a by a professional. You run the risk of bad, breakage and frying your hair if you do it at home. Good Luck!!


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