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Colours to Compliment your Complexion

Updated on August 15, 2014

Fresh, young and healthy

Some women are lucky and they can wear almost any colour but for others, certain colours should be avoided.

Using the right colours can make you look fresh, young and healthy and with the wrong colours you could age yourself, look sickly and outdated too.

It is also not great to add every one of your favourite colours to your face at the same time because it will leave you looking clownish instead of chic.

It is not easy to find colours that compliment but you need to try as many as possible to get the right one to make you look good as well as feel confident.

Colours are a fantastic way to compliment your complexion and by using the right tones for your skin, you can look much younger than you are.

For those of us that want to keep our look fresh and young this is an easy way of doing it.

Pale, tanned and ebony skin can look fantastic depending on the colours that you choose to wear.

Complimenting and accentuating is what we do with makeup and if you wear the wrong colours, it could have the completely opposite effect on your face.

Many of us have kept to using the same colours and doing the same style of makeup since the 80's but it is important to keep yourself in the now and update your makeup style to be trendy and look like you are from this era.

Experiment with colours and try out new looks that will emphasise your features.

Natural beauty can be emphasised by very little makeup
Natural beauty can be emphasised by very little makeup | Source
Iman has dark skin and her makeup highlights her facial features, keeping her youthful
Iman has dark skin and her makeup highlights her facial features, keeping her youthful

Dark and Ebony skin

The colour or tone of your skin determines whether you can wear a colour or not. Dark skin or Ebony can wear almost any colour and it looks lucky you are!

Greens, blue, yellow or any colour suits a dark Ebony skin but unfortunately pale skins have got to avoid yellows and darker colours.

If you are lucky to have a dark skin then the best way to accentuate your cheek bones is to use a shimmer rouge and yo can even go as far as using a yellowish or golden rouge too.

Eye colour makes no difference you can select any colour you wish because it will be flattering either way.

The only colour to avoid is black, unless you are wanting a "Gothic" look this colour can make your face look gloomy.

If you do choose to wear a dark colour than compliment it with a shimmer of white, gold, yellow or use 2 shades lighter than the lower lid colour.

Ruby red is great for your complexion and using jewel tones will look fantastic.

Avoid using dark eyeliner and if you choose to do a smokey tone then use the jewel tones for this as smokey can sometimes come out scary.

Cheek bones, lips, brow bone and eyes should be accentuated and for this you will need to get highlighting colours.

Don't use a pink or pastel rouge for your cheek bones instead try a shimmer bronze or a reddish tone for the cheeks.

Jennifer Lopez can wear almost every colour to change her look
Jennifer Lopez can wear almost every colour to change her look

Colours for tanned skin

You are lucky because almost every colour will suit your complexion. I would avoid using dark browns but any other colour will suit you.

If you have blond hair and dark skin then avoid yellow or gold as this could make you look a little too overdone.

Instead of using a bronze blush try a peach one as this will make you look younger.

Bronze on tanned skinned can age you by a few years.

A beautiful colour for a tan is white but not necessarily on the eyes. If it is blended with another colour then it accentuates but on its own it looks a little clownish.

The best way to wear white shadow is to put it onto the brow bone just bellow your eyebrows to give you a highlighted look.

Jewel tones compliment any skin colour and all you need to avoid is overdoing the makeup.

Peach instead of bronze will take a couple of years off your face.

The object for darker skin is to accentuate the good areas and using less can sometimes be more!

Learn to identify your skin type

There are a number of ways to identify what type of skin you have and which colours you should be using.

A colour wheel and a quick makeup theory lesson can help you find the colours for you. Take a look a the video to see which one you are.

There are fours seasons of colour; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Think of the colours that go with the seasons and see if you suit any of them, then you will understand which one you are and what colours compliment you.

Salma Hayek has dark eyes and a gorgeous complexion. Natural beauty only needs lipgloss
Salma Hayek has dark eyes and a gorgeous complexion. Natural beauty only needs lipgloss

Pale skin - colours to compliment

Avoid bright red, black, yellow, white and some pastels.

For pale skin you have to be careful with makeup because it will either make you look crazy or dull.

Pale skin should avoid smokey eyes if you do not know how to apply the makeup.

Accentuate your eyes with a liquid liner and a false eyelash mascara.

Great colours for pale skin are pastels but avoid using them if you have blonde or light hair as this could have the opposite effect for you.

Try and keep away from black and don't use yellow if your hair is blonde.

The object of makeup is to highlight the assets and for pale skin you need to try out all the colours to see which one suits your skin best.

Hair colour and complimenting colours

Red hair
Kristen Kreuk has a great complexion and accentuates her features with natural makeup
Kristen Kreuk has a great complexion and accentuates her features with natural makeup

Colours to compliment your skin colour

Work out which colour suits your skin by doing a test with makeup

There are 4 seasons of colour and to find out which one you are you can have a look at which colours go for which season, then try on colours to see what fits your skin best

Pale skin should avoid deep dark colours, white and yellow on your skin

Dark tanned skin can wear any colour but instead of using bronze rouge try a peach to take some time off your face

Ebony skin is lucky because almost anything goes, avoid dark black around the eyes and use jewel tones to accentuate features

Asian skin should wear pinks and citrine as this is very flattering. Avoid yellow, lime and white

Avoid mixing too many colours onto your skin to avoid looking clownish

Redheads look fantastic in Emerald and green colours to contrast

Dark skin looks amazing with a deep red or ruby colour

Brunettes can get away with many more colours

Blondes need to be careful not to wear white or pastels, yellow or gold it clashes

Asian skin

Citrine and pinks will keep your skin from looking sallow and pale.

Pastels are fantastic but avoid lime and yellow on your skin as it will make you look sick and older.

Corals are also fantastic and if you do not enjoy the pinks then try other summer colours to suit your skin tone.

Makeup tips to make you look younger

Lipliner must match your lipstick and it should only be used to keep your lipstick on, it is not a filler and it will not make you look like you have thicker don't do it!

Instead of lipliner filling use a lipgloss to make you look younger.

Stay away from drab and dull colours as this will age you. Use peaches, corals and pinks for youthful tone.

Red and brown make you look older so if you do love those colours ensure that you use shimmer in a lighter shade to compliment the red or brown.

Youthful looks can be created by keeping your brows full

Add a light shimmer to the upper brow area

Use any colour you want for the middle of the lid

Light colours should be used on the lower lid with a dark middle colour

Eyeliner is best done on the outer lid and using a liquid liner is great for making your eyes look wide and open.

Mascara is also great for youthful looks and applying it on the outer corners of your lid makes you look younger.

Avoid making it too thick as this can create dark rings around your eyes.

Blush must be done correctly and you need to use peaches, corals or any colours that have light undertones to avoid looking older.

By applying blush on the cheekbone and brushing it lightly upwards it will make your face look as though it is pulled back, giving you a youthful look.

Do not put dark bronze blush under the cheekbones as this ages your look by ten years. If you want to contour your face you need to have it done correctly to avoid ageing your look.

Another tip for a youthful look is to wear as little makeup as possible.

Never go without foundation, blush, mascara and lipgloss.

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Colours that age you

Avoid harsh lipliner as this can make you look older

Eyebrows should be shaped carefully as plucking away will be plucking away the youth

Makeup can either make you look youthful or age you by 10 years and the older you get the less makeup you need.

A good foundation can transform your face and illuminate radiance if you have the right one. Get to a beauty counter and ask for the right tone for you.

Choose a foundation that is one shade darker than your natural tone, never go lighter.

Don't put blush onto the bones of your cheek this can make you look clownish and putting it under the cheek bone can make you look older. By applying it onto your cheekbone upwards and in line with your eye will make you look slimmer.

Your blush should compliment your lip colour and if you have pale skin rosey colours are great, dark skin will go well with something in purple undertones and avoid any colour that has blue undertones as this will give you a bruised look.

Lip liners should match the lipstick and layering it on thick will age you by ten years. Also trying to make your lips look fuller by applying liner over your actual line will look crazy!!

Get a liquid liner or a gel liner and apply it to your actual line to match the lipstick. This will automatically make your lips look fuller and natural.

Concealer and adding too much will have the opposite effect on your skin. Get a concealer that is natural and matches your skin tone.

Apply very little as adding too much will highlight the wrinkles and dark lines. Keep those areas moisturised and apply concealer from the corner of your eye.

A concealer that has peach or yellow undertones will neutralize circles but anything with a green base will accentuate circles and lines.

Yellow is not a colour for everyone and if you want to wear it be sure tp use jewel tones as it could make you look much older.

Dark colours around the eye also ages you and to avoid this, apply a light shimmer on the brow bone and lower lid to make your eyes light and youthful.

Pale skin should be careful using brown as a base shadow as this will make you look older. Instead apply the darker colour to your lower lid and then use the lightr colour in the centre.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 3 years ago from South Africa

      thank you!

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      Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Very interesting and some great tips!

    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 3 years ago from South Africa

      teaches12345 - hope it helps

      celebritie - yellow is not a colour for everyone so you are very lucky!!

    • celebritie profile image

      celebritie 3 years ago

      I have found that the color that works best for me is yellow when it comes to fabrics.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I am going to try the peace as you suggested. The chart is a great help. Thanks for the advice which I will keep in mind when I dress for my best.