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7 things to do to avoid hair fall caused while removing tangles!

Updated on September 10, 2013

Hair fall is one of those problems that can create much of mental stress too. Though the main reasons of hair fall are found to be lack of enough nutrients (such as iron, B vitamins, Folic acid),dandruff, lack of proper care. One another reason that has gone unnoticed is the way we comb our hair. Yes improper combing of hair also leads to hair fall. So how to comb our hair in a proper way? Here are a few ways to do that.

Use wide toothed comb:

The main idea behind using wide toothed comb is that due to the wide intervals between the tooth’s of the comb, it becomes easy to remove the tangles in the hair. Similarly the reason why not to use narrow toothed comb is that due to the short intervals between the tooth’s of the comb, while combing the tangles in the hair get struck between them as a result of which we apply more pressure to remove them leading to hair break down. So always use a wide toothed comb to remove the tangles and once removed then use any comb of your choice to style the hair.

Use wooden combs instead of plastic combs:

What happens when hair is combed with a plastic comb is that a kind of attractive force gets produced between the hair and the comb as a result of which the hair gets attached or attracted to the comb making combing difficult naturally leading to hair fall.

The test: Here is a test to explain the attractive force. Take a sheet of paper, tear them into pieces and place them on a table. Now using a plastic comb, comb your hair for at least 3-5 minutes. Now bring the plastic comb near the pieces of paper on the table, you will notice the paper pieces being attached or attracted towards the comb. This test was explained by “Coulomb's law “

Follow bottom-up approach:

Always comb your hair from bottom to top while removing tangles. That is first remove the tangles present in the tail part of the hair and slowly proceed towards the top. This ensures that not much pressure is applied on the roots of the hair, therefore protects the hair from breaking down.

Divide the hair into sections:

“The more the sections, the less the hair fall”

At least divide the hair into 2 equal sections, while removing tangles. When you comb your entire hair as a bulk in one stretch, it becomes difficult for you to concentrate on each and every tangle present. So naturally what happens is that we try to apply more pressure to remove them, automatically leading to hair fall. So when we divide the hair into sections it becomes easier for us to concentrate on each section with care. Though it may be time consuming it certainly protects our precious tresses from breaking down.

Apply oil or leave on conditioner:

Before combing your hair, either for removing tangles or for styling apply a little oil ensuring that all the hair strands gets covered by it. Else if you feel applying oil leaves your forehead and face too getting oily then go in for a leave on conditioner. The idea behind applying them is to make your hair a kind of lubricated as a result of which combing becomes smooth. Also it prevents the attractive force that gets produced between the hair and the comb making things easier.

Never comb wet hair:

It is said that when the hair is wet the hair root gets weaker. On the other hand, the tangles get strongly bonded due to the moisture making things difficult. So naturally in order to remove those tangles we apply more pressure as a result of which the hair roots already weaker will more easily break. So never ever comb your hair when it is wet. Due to some reasons if you don’t have enough time to dry your hair before going out then just tie your hair loosely and step out. Once you get back home then follow the above steps to comb the hair.

Comb slowly:

In this fast moving world we are forced to do everything fast but never ever comb your hair fast in a hurry bury. Express your love and care for your hair by spending quality time with it by combing slowly as a result of which your hair will love you back without breaking down!



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    • profile image

      flemin 4 years ago

      These methods are actually effective.

      Thanks a load for your good work!