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Comfortable, healthy skin, even in terrible winter weather: Sebamed

Updated on January 26, 2016

Sebamed Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream

Are you one of the 80 million people in the US who was affected by Winter Storm Jonas? If you were lucky enough to stay inside for four days, you've been suffering from the effects of central heating. Maybe life demanded that you brave the outdoors: you're a public works employee or first responder, had to walk your dog, shovel cars and walkways. Then, you had the additional not-so-gracious "thank you" from Mother Nature of chapped skin, micro-tears, irritation, dryness, rashes, redness, itchiness. Not only do you worry about complexion appearance, but also the health of your body's biggest organ.

What do you do? What can you use? You don't want to make things worse, certainly! Now there's Sebamed Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream to the rescue. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Nighttime is considered a crucial time to use skincare products: it stays on while you sleep, without being rinsed off. Your skin muscles are at rest, so it won't move. You can put on more than in the day, since you won't be (as) concerned if it shows as you would in the daytime.

Sebamed was created in the 1960's in Germany by Dr. Heinz Maurer, who discovered the way the skin's acid mantle works and how to best treat it. One does not want a product that's too acid or too basic, thus dissolving the mantle. A certain exact Ph level, 5.5, is considered perfect. With an intact acid mantle, the skin's natural lipids (oils and fats) remain in their healthy state.

Their Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream comes in a little plastic tub, perfectly sized for 3-1-1 carry-on travel bags/TSA requirements. It's a rich cream/balm consistency, without scent. It feels substantial, yet not greasy. It dries to a moist condition, not oily.

This a purely vegetal formula, which might surprise people who expect petroleum by-products in a rich skin formula. Its main ingredients are rapeseed oil, jojoba oil and glycerin, all of which have been scientifically demonstrated to improve skin condition. Phytosterols help strengthen its barrier.

Upon application, you'll feel that itchiness and raw irritation dissipates. In the morning when you awaken, you'll like what you see and feel!

Sebamed is readily available at many chain drug stores, grocery stores and big box stores around the country, many of which are open 24 hours a day. They also have a VIP club online that has a money-saving feature for automated deliveries.


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