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Cool Design Tattoos

Updated on September 9, 2013
Cool Design Tattoos
Cool Design Tattoos

So you want a tattoo? And off course you want a distinctive, unique, beautiful, funky, creative, top-notch, in short - a very cool tattoo. You need something that is special to you and cool to others. The only problem is - how to find that perfect design?

The most important thing about choosing a tattoo is - research. Choosing the right tattoo may require a lot of thought but it is best to really think hard about what you want, so you will not regret it later. Getting acquainted with all the options is very important and there are so many options and places to find cool tattoo designs nowadays, the choices can be overwhelming.

The bottom line is that you should choose something that has significance to you. Your choice should never be influenced by your family, friends or tattooist. Remember - tattoos last forever, so you must make sure you've chosen the perfect one before you get inked.

It is of the upmost importance to take your time and select a design that speaks to you on a symbolic level. Think before you ink. You will have to live with your choice, day in day out, week in week out - for the rest of your life.

Some statistics show that at least 30% of first-time tattoo owners regret their choice of tattoo design. Why? They didn't do their research. So don't just blindly hope that you will discover your dream tattoo by looking through a few pages of designs. Be prepared. Some people feel they must select a design from the tattoo studio. This is off course not true. Professional tattooists will appreciate you being prepared with a quality design.

Where To Find Cool Tattoos?

You can find cool tattoos in many places - online, in a book, in a magazine or at the tattoo studio. Choosing a design from an online catalogue is a great way to start your tattoo search. This way you can take your time and choose from the comfort of your home, free from any outside pressure.

Remember, tattoos are a lifelong commitment, so always think before you ink!

Good Luck and may you find exactly what you're looking for!

Check Out These Designs


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    • profile image

      Rena Maller 8 years ago

      That was very awesom thank you for that

    • profile image

      Dennis Wakeley 9 years ago

      Hi there...

      You're right about the research thing. Also, there are like 100 free tattoo galleries on the net right now, but you know.... now everyone is getting these same tattoos?

      Maybe the paid galleries are better because fewer people have access to them, which means you won't come back from the parlor just to realize you have just got the same tattoo as your next door neighbor...

    • profile image

      thosmi 10 years ago

      Liked your hub. Nice info.