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Cool People Wear Eyeglasses: Wearing Glasses Can Make You Awesome!

Updated on December 5, 2011
Jeannieinabottle profile image

Jeannie has been writing for HubPages for over 7 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—anything from hamsters to office work.

Eyeglasses are Cool

I know everyone will not agree with me on this one, but I declare that cool people wear eyeglasses. Even when I was a small child I always felt the smartest and most interesting folks wore glasses. My vision was pretty good as a child, so I never got to wear glasses. I was always disappointed about that. I did, however, have to wear braces on my teeth, but my feelings towards braces are certainly not positive. That is an entirely different topic though and I should explore that some other time.

Now, as an adult, I get to wear glasses. About 10 years ago, my vision was finally bad enough to wear eyeglasses part-time. I started to get headaches and squint, so I was quite excited to finally get my glasses. At the time, wire frames were all the rage, so my first pair of glasses had silver frames. Oh, it was a dream come true! I wore them all the time even though I did not need them that much.

Times are Changing

I've noticed recently that I am not the only person who thinks glasses are cool. Everywhere I go, people are wearing glasses. I could not help but notice the other day at the mall groups of teenagers wearing eyeglasses. There was a time when teenagers never wore glasses unless they absolutely had to do so. If you saw a group of "cool kids" together and one kid was wearing glasses, it was a sure bet that was the kid that did everyone else's homework in the group.

That is simply not the case anymore. Eyeglasses are in fashion now. The more obvious the glasses, the better.  I've seen everyone from celebrities to cheerleaders wearing all types of eyeglasses.  All the hipster kids are wearing the big glasses that look like they stepped out of the 1980s.  Forget the subtle wire frames; you need to have plastic frames and in different colors. The bigger the eyeglasses the better. Even if your vision is perfect, you can still walk into a store like The Icing and buy a pair of fashion eyeglasses.

Don't Bother with the Contact Lenses

Do you were contacts? Shame on you! Take them out now and put on a pair of glasses. Personally, I feel like glasses are a perfect fashion accessory. I have several pairs of glasses in different colors. I can coordinate my glasses with my outfit. Why wear contacts and take away all that fun?  If you enjoy picking out the jewelry you are wearing for that day, you can have the same fun picking out glasses.  You have poor vision and you should be proud!

Support the Trend

If you wear eyeglasses, wear them with pride. Since I love glasses so much, I want to keep them trendy for as long as possible. Buy fun glasses and buy plenty of them. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Even Walmart sells prescription eyeglasses. You can get an entire pair of glasses for under $50!

Let's keep eyeglasses in style!  Even when the trend does go out of style, I will still wear my eyeglasses.  No corrective surgery for me!  Like I said, I always thought the smartest and most interesting people wore glasses. I am happy the rest of the world agrees with me now. Yes, cool people wear eyeglasses!

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  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 3 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    I love my glasses, too. I went through 25 years of life without wearing any, but I am glad to have them now. Thanks for dropping by my hub! :-)

  • profile image

    agil pro 3 years ago

    I know this post is old, but maybe your still checking on it. I also wear glasses and love it. I had always wanted to wear glasses and when I found out I needed them when I was 15, I couldn't wait to get them. I embraced them from the first day and I found that my confidence improved and my shyness diminished once I started wearing glasses, I don't know if it was because glasses completed how I envisioned myself or maybe I hid behind them, all I know is I am a much more confident person when I am wearing glasses!

    I tried contacts at one point, but didn't like them and couldn't wait to go back to my glasses. I'm with you when I say," not only wear them with pride, but also with confidence."

    I have been wearing glasses for over 30 years and still enjoy them as much today as I did when I put on my first pair so many years ago.

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thanks for checking out my hub. Glasses really are cool now. It's funny how looks and styles change over time. Now the eyeglasses wearing people are cool.

  • Snurre profile image

    Snurre 6 years ago

    I wear glasses and I absolutely love it. Like you, I have several pairs to go with different outfits. I have contacts too but only wear them when I'm on stage singing classical music. Thanks for this hub.

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    I understand. I could never wear contacts either. I can't stand anything going near my eyes. I start blinking and try to dodge it - even eyedrops. I know it is irrational, but I can't stop myself. Besides, I like wearing glasses. : )

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • profile image

    Jeanastra 7 years ago

    I've worn glasses for my nearsightedness since I was about 10 years old. As a teen, I would only wear them in class or at the movies (in the dark) for fear of looking less "cute". I've never been able to wear contacts due to the fact that I can't even put eye drops into my eyes without blinking like crazy. I've worn Silhouette brand glasses for the past 10 years. They're frameless and nearly weightless, so they're extremely comfortable and there are tons of options for lens shape and color/material of the arms.

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thanks for the comment. Your glasses look really cool, by the way.

  • Sunnyglitter profile image

    Sunnyglitter 7 years ago from Cyberspace

    I definitely agree that cool people wear glasses. You'll never see me with contacts. :)

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thank you for your comments. I am glad to meet other cool people wearing eyeglasses.

  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    I tried to purchase contacts and couldn't get them in place. The sales people gave up and gave me my money back as being a hopeless case. I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. Up one and Useful. Hey! I'm now your fan! RJ

  • DaNoblest profile image

    DaNoblest 7 years ago from California

    I have never had contacts and wore glasses for the past 10 years. Up until then I managed to get through school without being able to see.

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    I have to agree with you on this one. I can't stand the idea of jabbing something in my eyes even if it is just contact lenses. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • ThatFatGuy profile image

    ThatFatGuy 7 years ago from Here and there

    I love glasses and can't stand contacts. Glasses are so so simple to put on and off! I mean contacts you have to buy every month, wash and take care of, put in you eyes! Ewww...and they're so small and easy to lose considering they're see through. I'd only wear contacts if I really needed to see and glasses were impeding my activities like running.

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thanks for commenting. I'll bet you look really cool in glasses! I think more people need glasses now because everyone sits at a computer so much. At least that is my theory.

  • Ddraigcoch profile image

    Emma 7 years ago from UK

    I have really great eye sight. But was prescribed glasses for the fact they were working too hard . I don' get it. But they do stop headaches. I think glasses can give that sexy secretary look. Some are awful but that is just the same as dress sense. Great article xx