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Corrective Makeup Tips, Dark Eye Circles

Updated on October 15, 2012
Concealer, Under eye and brow bone
Concealer, Under eye and brow bone | Source
Product patted in
Product patted in | Source
Finis | Source

Flawless skin is simply not natural!

It is created through the artifice skills of makeup and the artists that spend their time perfecting the necessary techniques using cosmetics available to them on the market.

We all struggle with skin care and most of us spend most of our lives trying to find the best products for our own personal use.

I recommend natural, water based and as light as possible. Not just for the health of your skin but so that you don't have to deal with too much color discoloration as you get older.

This typically happens to women of color who start using makeup too early as a teenager. They don't have the skills or know how to develop good makeup application and removal regiments.

So they end up with additional problems caused by makeup especially foundation.

It doesn't have to be so.

Corrective makeup techniques are employed for many reasons but discoloration is the main one. To gain a flawless face lots of makeup is applied in stages, i don't recommend it for everyday use.

Most females for various reasons struggle with under eye issues, dark circles being the most prevalent and aggravating of them all.

We tend to forget that makeup is too enhance your beauty not change or camouflage it. Yet i notice a lot of women make this mistake.

We are female, not models, movie actors or drag queens who need the heavy makeup to change our looks, to transform our appearance or appear flawless under all the heavy stage lights.

Corrective makeup needed is concealer. Concealer comes in a variety of ways.


  • Stick
  • Powder
  • cream
  • liquid
  • Water based
  • oil based

Colored concealer, neutralizes skin colors

  • green to balance red
  • blue to balance orange
  • yellow to balance blue
  • lavenda to balance yellow
  • natural or beige to lighten skin color

Foundation is another great technique but the color to be used should be at least two shades lighter than your regular skin color foundation.


  1. apply to shadow of the bag, underneath
  2. dark areas in corner of inner -tear duct and outer - corner of the eye
  3. pat in the product, spreading it out toward the outer eye

Go ahead and try this trick and watch the miraculous disappearance of dark under eye circles.


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