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Cosmetic Application Tips for Busy Moms

Updated on May 23, 2013

Make Up For Moms

When I was raising my two boys, we had an unspoken rule – mom didn’t dress up and she didn’t wear makeup. Of course, it was a self-imposed rule: I thought I would never have been able to take the necessary time to get out the door with my three “boys”, husband included. They were way too impatient. But I was wrong and spent a lot of years not caring for myself. The only thing I did make sure I did was color my hair. It was my time away from the men. A little old-fashioned perhaps, but then, I was a busy mom. Mom’s makeup does two things. It should give you color so you just feel less tired and when others see that, they are energized as well. Second, mom’s makeup should conceal those tiny flaws or wrinkles that come from loving your family. But it is important to remember one thing – you should never be ashamed of your family, your wrinkles or your age. The goal is to not look older than you really are. It’s okay to look your age, really! Makeup for mom should not layer your face in foundations or colors to hide your age; they should only be used to compliment the natural beauty you already possess. Remember, cougars are in (just kidding).

First, let me define “mature skin”. Mature skin is anything over 22 years old. Sorry, it is true. Our skin cells begin to break down by 18 years old. Let us face this fact so that we can move on. The United States is one of the few cultures that do not recognize this and it is time we did. Having said that, these makeup application tips are also great for the young “immature” ladies for two reasons. 1) To begin to care for your skin at a younger age. 2) More importantly, to keep your self-esteem up; there is nothing wrong with aging or being a mom. As a matter of fact, they are inevitable and important roles for society to flourish.

Makeup for moms, such as foundations, should be near light to medium-weight. Mature skin has tiny unseen wrinkles, so a heavier foundation will actually make wrinkles look deep set. With mature skin, you should always try a lighter, and possibly more sheer, foundations first to see how it works. This reflects light and so covers up most if not all blemishes. Some consultants suggest an oil-based foundation over a daytime moisturizer that is designed for mature skin. However, I prefer a powder foundation, using Serum-C from Mary Kay, a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 and a primer to fill in any nooks or crannies. It takes just seconds to apply my makeup for mom.

Makeup that is heavy or does not blend into the skin tone will not highlight your features. It will actually age you. It is hard for most of us to grasp this concept and we are inclined to put our makeup on heavy. Resist the urge – you are beautiful at any age, show it. Less is better! In addition, eye shadow as well as brow colors should blend with your skin tone. I will be doing an article soon on the eyes – it requires a little more thought.

Another great tip for applying makeup for Moms is to use small amounts of blush on the cheeks, just enough to “pop” your natural color. look. Also, when applying makeup for Moms a lip liner, primer and the right shad lipstick should be used to balance the eyes. You can find more tips on this in my article “Cosmetic Application Tips Part One”.

Finally, always keep in mind that not only application but selection of makeup for Moms will enhance any mature women’s beauty. Highlighting natural beauty and letting go of our own preconceived notions of our personal lack of beauty will go a long way in giving you a softer, natural look. A professional beauty consultant can work with you and should do so free of charge.

Karre, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics


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    • Karre profile imageAUTHOR

      Karre Schaefer 

      6 years ago from Eskridge, Kansas

      Thanks Phelcky! Like I said, use these tips now and save your skin in a few years. :-) hugs. Karre.

    • Phelcky profile image


      6 years ago from Denmark

      Useful and witty hub :) I am only 18. I am not a mom, and I don't have mature skin. But I can always use beauty tips.


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