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What is Cosmetic Surgery ?

Updated on October 3, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery is a surgical specialty concerned with the correction of disfigurement, restoration of impaired function, and improvement of physical appearance. It is largely concerned with the bodily surface and with reconstructive work of the face and exposed parts. Although surgical reconstruction of the nose was performed by Hindu physicians before the time of Christ, modern techniques of Cosmetic surgery were originated in the post-World War I years by surgeons repairing the wounds and disfigurements of combat veterans.

The term Cosmetic refers to the molding and reshaping of body tissues-bones, fat, muscle, cartilage, and skin. Tissue may be moved to fill a depression, to cover a wound, or to improve appearance. The transfer of skin tissue (skin grafting) is one of the most common procedures performed in Cosmetic surgery. Skin grafts may be taken from the recipient, from a donor of the same species (allografts), or from a donor of a different species (xenografts). Sheets of epithelial cells cultured in vitro and synthetic compounds such as silicone are also used as a substitute for absent or deficient natural tissue. Tissue may be completely removed to alter the contours of a feature, as in rhinoplasty (reconstruction of the nose), otoplasty (ear reduction), and blepharoplasty (the removal of skin and fatty tissue from the eyelids), or to restore youthful appearance, as in rhytidectomy (face-lift, in which excess skin is removed from the face and neck). (Andrew A. Jaconob 2007)

Cosmetic surgery today is often done also for cosmetic reasons, to remove blemishes or to change contours. Among the most common of the cosmetic surgery operations are rhinoplasty (remodeling of the nose), oroplasty (remolding of the external ear), blepharoplasty (removing excess skin and fatty tissue from eyelids and the eye area), and face-lifting, to remove the signs of aging. Another cosmetic technique is the removal of conspicuous scars by cutting out scar tissue and adjusting the wound edges. With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery since the 1950s, Cosmetic surgery has become misidentified with "beauty" surgery. In fact, only a small percentage of Cosmetic surgeons have practices limited to cosmetic operations.

There are a number of different cosmetic surgery options. The most common cosmetic surgical procedures involve redefining some aspect of the body, while others involve enhancing the skin through a variety of measures (Susan Gail 2000). Liposuction is a very popular cosmetic surgery option. This procedure allows the physician to suction the fat off various portions of the body to reveal slimmer and trimmer physique. (Andrew A. Jacono 2007)

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which the nose is reshaped. Some patients request this surgery because they perceive their nose to be either too big or an unattractive shape. In other cases, the procedure may be necessary to help a patient breathe better.

There are a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures that can be done to enhance the breast area. Implants are used frequently to increase a patient's bust size. While the subject of breast implants received much bad press several years ago due to the fact that silicone breast implants were proven to be unsafe, the products used today are considered to be much safer. Lifts are often necessary to correct breasts that sag and droop. Augmentation may be utilized in order to align the breasts so that they are the same size when there is a situation where one breast is smaller than the other.

While some patients wish to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to increase their bust size, others have a breast reduction in order to reduce their breast size. This is often necessary when a woman has very large breasts that may cause health issues such as back pain and strain on the neck and shoulders. So somatic surgery is helpful for maintaining the health.

The cosmetic surgery frequently referred to as a tummy tuck is similar to liposuction in that it removes excess fat from the area around the stomach and waist. Patients who have lost significant amounts of weight may find it necessary to have this procedure performed as well as an arm lift or buttock/thigh lift. When an individual loses large amounts of weight, particularly at a rapid rate, the skin generally begins to sag and no amount of exercise is able to tone the sagging skin. These types of cosmetic surgical procedures can tighten the skin. (Susan Gail 2000)

While there are a variety of cosmetic surgery options available today that can correct almost any skin or body problem, it is important for patients to have realistic expectations. First, some cosmetic surgeries will leave permanent scars. The prospective patient must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of having a permanent scar against living with the issue that drove them to consider surgery. Secondly, it is very important that the patient realize that cosmetic surgery does not produce overnight results (Andrew A. Jacono 2007). Some surgeries will not produce optimal results until at least a year after the surgery was performed. Finally, as with all surgeries, cosmetic surgery does come with inherent risks and dangers. Most people seek cosmetic surgery because they want to feel more comfortable with their appearance. They rarely want surgery done to satisfy others. They are concerned about perceived or actual inadequacies in their appearance which they want to improve.

Many people feel embarrassed or concerned that others may think they are vain, and are often secretive, defensive and reluctant to talk about their concerns, or even to discuss the possibility of cosmetic surgical treatment with their friends or family. For this reason, the subject tends to be clouded with mystery, and women - who make up 90 per cent of the clientele of most cosmetic surgical practices in this country - tend to get most of their information from popular magazine articles and television documentaries.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery risks are many. So you must have to take a close look at the pros and the cons of the Cosmetic surgery that have to do with their particular case. In fact Cosmetic surgery is a large investment but still there are some things that will weigh more or less on them. You need to be considered when it comes to cosmetic surgery about the pros and cons of this surgery.

In fact it is important to select the right Cosmetic surgeon for the job. Cosmetic surgery is worth it, if these risks can be minimized. That is why it up to you to determine what the best results of the Cosmetic surgery are and how likely they are to get them. All surgery involves some degree of pain, some bruising, expense, and time for recovery and most surgery leaves visible scars somewhere. However, with liposuction, all of these drawbacks are less than with the older, alternative methods of fat removal. Postoperatively, there is a slight amount of swelling which takes several weeks or longer to subside. Of late cosmetic surgeries have become the most common event in the lives of many people involving all age groups.

The concept of the cosmetic surgery being only a cup of tea for the rich and famous also no more exists, and in today's world everyone can take due advantage from the processes. All the teenagers today run after the new improved technology of cosmetic surgery, for the augmentation and reshaping of the female breast, or the rescaling of the noses, or in case of some disease of male to get rid of the enlarged breast in them, or it may also be due to some scar on the cheeks, which is not like d by them to be removed. After the surgery the external looks of the person concerned changers drastically. Sometimes it becomes so different that it becomes difficult to identify.

The major thing to do is weighed and that to be the pros and the cons of Cosmetic surgery individually. You should consider individually about the physical risks and the health risks which are associated with Cosmetic surgery. The persons undergoing the cosmetic surgeries should always remember that, just because it is a cosmetic surgery it is in no way different from the normal procedures of any surgery. These reminded to the patients by some of the professional associations. There may be various impediments such as that of reactions of anesthesia, haematoma- accumulation of blood around any swellings, or some injuries to any nerve which controls the muscles of the face for example the Facial nerve. More over you have to consider about the financial aspect of surgery as well. Then you should be looked at in comparison to the benefits of pros and cons to the Cosmetic surgery. This may include better health, a better physic and improved self esteem. Any how these are essential to compare these aspects on your own.

As I have mentioned earlier you must to talk to and work with an experienced Cosmetic surgeon in order to get the full scope of the pros and the cons of Cosmetic surgery. They will inform you what the real risks are to them and the likelihood that they will actually happen individually. Experts will be aid in providing the patient with all sort of information that leads to take a good decision in whether or not to have the Cosmetic surgery in form of the pros and the cons of Cosmetic surgery which can be talked about with a skilled doctor. Lastly, the Cosmetic surgery can not be decided by anyone except an individual having it done.


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