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Costs of Laser Hair Removal

Updated on October 12, 2014

When considering laser hair removal, one of your biggest considerations is going to be the cost. Costs of laser hair removal vary widely by country and area, the kind of laser used and the amount of hair to be removed. Laser hair removal is often done in several sessions and the number of sessions you have can also affect the cost.

Some companies offer payment plans and this can result in the total costs of laser hair removal being cheaper or more expensive depending on the kind of package you choose. For example paying the entire cost of your treatment in advance will often get you a discount. However if you can’t afford to pay the whole amount in one go, paying in installments will usually result in being more expensive altogether.

Remember that cheap laser hair removal isn’t always the best – quality of treatment is important and you must make sure you’re 100% happy with the service provided by the clinic you choose before you agree to treatment. The average cost of laser hair removal will vary widely from clinic to clinic so make sure you shop around.

The cost of laser hair removal will vary from person to person as the hair growth pattern of everyone is unique. Some people have dark hair that grows densely and evenly, whereas other may have fairer hair that grows sparsely or unevenly. All these factors will affect the total cost of your treatment so it’s usually necessary to attend a consultation at your clinic to determine the cost before beginning treatment.

Some laser hair removal clinics will charge on a flat fee basis. This can work out cheaper if you have a hair growth pattern that results in expensive quotes from clinics that charge individuals based on their consultation. Flat fee laser hair removal packages are usually offered on a per-treatment basis, for example one price for underarm hair and another for facial hair.

Average cost of laser hair removal in USA

Area of body
Average Cost
Lip or chin
Lower face
Full face (woman)
Chest or half back
Full back

Cost of laser hair removal by time

Another common way to determine the prices of laser hair removal is by time. Some clinics will charge a set fee per 15 minutes, for example. Your clinic will be able to advise you on the average time that laser treatment takes per body part. This will also be affected by your hair growth pattern and the speed of the technician and the equipment used to carry out the hair removal.

One other possible pricing structure is based on the number of pulses taken to remove the hair at your treatment session. A ‘pulse’ is one fire of the laser used in the hair removal treatment – this takes about a second and removes about 100 hairs on average.

With all of these varying pricing methods, it can be difficult to compare the cost of laser hair removal. It’s important to fully understand the pricing structure and make enquiries at several clinics before making your decision.

Complete cost of laser epilation treatments

The average person needs 4-6 treatments, spaced between 4 and 8 weeks apart. On average, a complete series of treatments will cost approximately $1,700 - $2,600

Is the cost of laser hair removal really worth it?

When you look at the table of costs per body part, laser hair removal can seem quite affordable, especially when you consider all the money you'd be spending over the years on razors, shaving creams, hair removal creams, wax and other methods of hair removal.

However, as I've highlighted in the box above, most people won't be rid of their excess hair with just one treatment. Most people need a series of treatments before the hair stops growing back completely, and of course this means the costs add up.

So is laser hair removal good value for money?

All hair removal methods have their downsides but laser epilation has less than most - there are no razor bumps or burns and hair doesn't start growing back the next day, it's not terribly painful and the risks of scarring or serious side-effects are minimal.

The main "con" therefore for most people is the cost. It can be frustrating to keep going back for additional treatments and shelling out another few hundered dollars because the hair keeps going back. However once the full course of treatments is complete and the hair stops growing back permanently, most people are extremely happy with the fact that they'll never have to shave again and realise how much money they were actually spending before on their hair removal routine.

There are a number of people for whom this treatment doesn't work 100% and if you fall into this group, it's possible that you'll still have hair growing back after a year of treatments. If so, it's still probably that you will have significantly less hair, making shaving and waxing less of a chore than before.

While laser hair treatment could take up a big chunk of your beauty budget, the cost is really small potatoes when you consider how much you probably spend on fashion and even at Starbucks - most people find that it's well worth the money they spent.

Laser hair removal at home

Technology has now improved to the point where it's no longer necessary to visit a specialist salon or clinic for a laser hair removal treatment. It's now possible to buy portable home units that can be used yourself and this obviously reduces the cost dramatically.

These machines are not as powerful as the ones used by professionals so you still might need a clinical treatment if you don't fit into the "ideal" consumer category (light skinned with dark hair). They can also take a long time to use on large areas (and obviously some areas are hard to reach on your own) so they may not be the ideal choice for everyone.

However if you're looking for an affordable, easy and reliable method of hair removal at home, it's definitely worth investing in one of these little devices.

Prices start at around $200


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