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CreaClip Review: Saving trips to the hair salon

Updated on January 25, 2015

No more hair salons visits

Even as a child, I've never enjoyed going to get hair cuts at the salon. Having naturally thick, frizzy and curly hair, most hair stylists' attempts to minimize my frizz was futile. Most often than not, I would walk away from the salon with shorter hair than asked for and remain with a short kinky cut until my hair grew out months later.

My hair was unmanageable long or short. Long hair was difficult to manage and difficult to shampoo/clean. Short hair resulted in a frizzy bob around my head that was difficult to pin down. Thankfully I discovered keratin hair straightening not too long ago but that is a different topic all together.

Is it the trauma from going to hair salons as a kid that made me pursue other options? Maybe. Or maybe because I like to do things on my own. Anyway, I came across a commercial for Creaclips and after watching a few of the Youtube videos, I was sold.

This product allows you to manage your hair and trim your hair with ease. Using trimmers instead of shears, I am able to trim my own hair without assistance. The leveling device on the CreaClip reassures that the trim is straight and not lopsided.

The smaller of the two CreaClips allows for easy trimming of bangs and layers.

CreaClip Review

The CreaClip is a great device to maintain your hair cut without having to visit the hair salon. The CreaClip comes in two sizes to accommodate different thicknesses. The smaller of the two is best used for trimming bangs and creating layers. The leveling device on the CreaClip ensures that your trimming is straight and leveled!

Most online reviews of this hair trimming device show that it works really well for all lengths of hair all thicknesses. It works particularly well to trim bangs.

Trim your Children's Hair Without Emptying your Wallet

How often do you trim your child's hair? Do you wait till their bangs are growing over their eyes?

It can be a nuisance to visit the hair salon so frequently with a family of 4 or larger. No one has time to take the kids to dance practice, soccer practice, ballet and piano--- and then also worry about visits to the hair salon.

With the CreaClip, you can have the kids line up (your spouse as well) and trim their hair at home without the expense or the unnecessary appointments. Nowadays, salons charge for cancelled or missed appointments- that's even extra money out of your wallet.

Takes Care of Split Ends

We all have split ends from time to time. I tend to get split ends more frequently because of the daily heat from my hair straightner. With the CreaClip, I can trim the split end myself without having to go to the salon every 5-6 weeks.

CreaClip Update

Now that I've had the CreaClip for over a year now, I have perfected my hair cuts! I am now officially a pro. Just last night I pulled out my CreaClip to trim my hair (I like it short now that summer is here). I got my electric clippers ready and I started trimming and layering away. It is so easy and fun!

Since I saved myself from a $25 haircut (I have paid a lot more for haircuts in the past), I am going to go out with a friend tonight and splurge on dessert ;)

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