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Create A Small Bag.

Updated on October 19, 2015
erorantes profile image

I created different bags for many things.This ideas will entertain and motivate you to create new things. Other ideas are art and craft too.

Tire Of Looking For Your Keys Inside Your Purse.

Keep your keys in a small bag. When, you create your bag. The box inside will not allow the keys to lost inside your handbag. At the same time, your nails will never get broken by the keys.The carton and the glued fabric will not allow the keys to go throughout the bag.

You can carry other things.

1 lipsticks.

2 Sanitary Napkin.

3 Candies.

4 Tampons.

5 A small computer's accessories.

6 Jewelry

7 Money.

Where To Find The Material.

1 You do not need a big piece of fabric. You can use a small piece of leftover fabric from previous projects. You only need to make sure you select the favorite color. Remember, you are going to be carrying it around with you, and you are going to be looking at the bag a few time Every time, you need it.

2 You can find any size box at the Container Store.

3 The rest of the materials, you need to look around your house or Joan Fabric 'S Store.

Bag Picture.

Materials To Use On Your Project.

1 Fabric.

2 A small box 8 by 2 inches.

3. Glue and a small stick.

4 Scissor.

5 Velcro.

Beging Your Project.

You need to cut your fabric in the correct measurements. The box needs to be empty and closed. First, you need to place the box on the two cut pieces of fabric. Place the two pieces of fabric flat on a table creating a cross. The box should be in the center of the cross. Fold the fabric over the box. When you make sure.You can control the box and the fabric. You need to apply glue on the fabric. You need to press gently down the fabric over the box. Always leave some fabric to fold in the box.

Perfect Box Finished.

After Box Is Cover With Your Favorite color.

You need to cover the inside of the box. Have your pieces of fabric cut for the inside cover. You can use a ruler or the closed scissor to push inside the fabric. You need to apply glue on the corners inside the box. while you keep the fabric inside the box. Use a small stick to apply the glue. Each time, you apply the glue. You need to allow the glue to dry for a few minutes.

How To Cut Corners.

How To Glue The Small Case.

After 15 minutes of drying the glue. You need to add the velcro button on the small case. This bottom will allow protection to your small items while they are inside the case from falling out.

After Glue Is Dry.

How To Add The Velcro .

You need to slowly press on fabric the pieces of velcro. If the velcro does not stick to the fabric. You need to apply some glue to the back of the velcro that it goes attach to the fabric. You need to measure the exact middle part of the bag. In order for, the bag to be secure.

Perfection Is The Key For Things To Make Them last.

You want to make sure. You do not see lines of fabric. The fabric needs to look smooth and no wrinkles. When, you are creating the bag. You need to pull and press. At the same time, you need to flat with your finger and hand.

Importance Of The Bag.

If you are tired of looking inside your bag for small items. The case can make it easy. Your nails will always be perfect. Because you will not damage your nail polish or your own nails. When you are trying to find small things that you use the most.

How Long Does Your Bag Last.?

Do you have a difficult time finding your lipsticks or keys in your bag.?

See results

Time To Create.

Allow yourself at least one hour to make your small case. You will have no time to wonder your thoughts. It is fun and relaxing. Keep your mind in your creation. Until you finish your project. I hope you have fun.

How To make It Perfect.

How To Make It Perfect.

You need to cover the box with the fabric. Make sure. there is no box showing. If you make it beautiful, you are going to love your bag.


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    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 2 years ago from Miami Florida

      I am glad that you like the little bag. I hope you enjoy doing one. It is a lot of fun making them. It is an excellent project to be busy.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I must try this craft, looks cute n fun to do