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Review of Palladio: cosmetics to create a Valentine's Day pout

Updated on January 22, 2017

Palladio is a cosmetics line with a wide range of formulations and finishes, allowing you to bring out your inner makeup artist. With Valentine's Day coming up (and hopefully, some opportunities to take some sweet selfies), it's a great time to perfect a passionately red lip! I was happy to be able to experience their products. All of my observations are my own, based on my years of experience doing my own makeup for pageants, front page newspaper articles, Baltimore Magazine's "Hot Singles", appearances on television with Greta Van Susteren, Bill Maher, Peter Frampton and Dr. Phil.

Palladio incorporates a number of healthy ingredients, including Vitamins A, C, D and E, argan oil, camomile, camellia, ginko biloba, green tea and shea butter. Additionally, they keep price points for its products to an affordable level.

Velvet Matte is a liquid lipstick with a twist-off cap. It provides full, opaque coverage, but with a very light consistency. You get all of the color payoff of a traditional creme formula, but without the weight. It's powdery to the touch when blending, but do it quickly before it dries. It stays put! This product is odorless and flavorless. "Sateen" is a deep, but bright pink-coral shade.

High Intensity Herbal Lip Balm is a self-sharpening, soft jumbo crayon. It has a rich, opaque, satin finish and is easy to apply. "Lilac Jazz" is more of a bright raspberry than lilac.

Velvet Matte Metallic has a very modern, cutting edge fashion finish. Are you wondering how something can be both matte and metallic at the same time? This liquid lip product has rich, intense depth of color with flecks of metal. This results in a mouth that's more "present" in photos. If you've ever seen tv stars with bad makeup -- soap operas are notorious for that -- they're often wearing frosts that lack depth and blur in photos and on screen. Matte-metallic products give the coverage and the shine. "Ritzy" is a true, deep ruby red -- very desirable for Valentine's Day.

Dreamy Matte Lipstick has a traditional, creamy consistency bullet. It has a rich, vanilla fudge scent -- but not flavor -- and has loads of color payoff, reminiscent of the Old Hollywood look.

No matter if you shop for makeup at a drugstore or department store, you've no doubt been inundated with all of the new sheer, soft color balms in the marketplace. But for Valentine's Day and at other times -- work, play and for all ages -- BUTTER ME UP! Sheer Color Balm has a formulation for reds that's very appealing. It's forgiving, not in-your-face: it has subtlety. This balm has a slight vanilla scent. The consistency is creamy and the finish glistens. "Bonbon" color is a glowing pink-red.

This line's wide selection of finishes, intensities and shades make it perfect for any skin tone and any stage of life.


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