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Your Natural Beauty.

Updated on April 7, 2019
Stanley Masiga profile image

We live in times when people have lost the value of truth. Mankind are living according to the system without questioning if its right/wrong

The two types of beauty.

Beauty according to the dictionary is defined as,a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

From the above definition we understand that beauty does not only refer to men or women but also the environment, animals, sea creatures and the universe at large. We see the breath-taking wonders of the universe in its an altered nature (not changed by mankind) just as it was created to be by the creator.

It's beauty captures the eyes and the mind of all mankind. But the question is this, what if mankind was able to alter the natural beauty of the universe?, indeed he would corrupt its beauty. Why? the fallen nature of mankind limits his creative mind and forces. Even so the creative mind of mankind (the creation) cannot create better than the creative mind of the creator.

Therefore there are two types of beauty;

  • Natural beauty.
  • Artificial beauty.


  • There is a form of beauty which is found only in you. A kind that makes you different and unique from all the women who existed, exist and will exist in this world. And that is your natural beauty. Your God- given beauty is indeed for a purpose to emit brilliance, innocence, perfection and love. But why do women degrade themselves to the lower state of beauty(artificial)?. Let us discover and learn why.
  • Some women give up their natural beauty because of how they look with artificial beauty, saying they see nothing wrong with it because hey, the majority where's it including the rich and wealthy.
  • Some women like artificial beauty because it gives them confidence and courage, but they are only lying to themselves. They are covering their insecurities, fear, need/want for acceptance and low self-esteem with artificial beauty without knowing that what is covered will sooner or later be uncovered.
  • Majority put on artificial beauty because of following what the celebrities do on T.V. Blindly are they following them and yet these celebrities themselves do not know where they are going. Never follow a man or woman who does not know where he/she is going.

A brief history of artificial beauty

Artificial beauty existed long ago before agrarian evolution and modern times. Men and women were taught how to enhance their beauty by the fallen spiritual entities who desired to experience sexual relations as men and women experience. Yes, the spiritual entities of darkness taught men how to beautify themselves, it is not religious but it is the universal truth which governs every thing and never changes.

As these spiritual fallen entities came to earth, they taught also mankind the art of war, how to make weapons, astrology, witch craft, ornaments of gold and silver and so on. Mankind never knew how to read or write nor did he ever knew how to construct a house and its foundation.

Today artificial beauty is the standard of the world, that people have forgotten the essence of natural beauty and its meaning.

The effect of natural and artificial beauty in your life.

Natural and artificial beauty plays a great role in our lives and perception of it. How you appear naturally and artificially determines the kind of relationships and marriages you will have, because both are backed by spiritual entities of light and darkness.

You being a spiritual entity you attract everything both positive and negative through the law of attraction in your subconscious mind which then is translated into the physical reality/counterpart, therefore natural and artificial beauty stands as positive and negative substances (respectively) with each having different results in your life. Below are the differences between natural and artificial beauty.

Differences between natural and artificial beauty.

As stated above, everything in the universe has a positive and negative side. This also applies to human beings with emotions such as, anger(negative), sadness(negative) love(positive) and joy(positive).


  • Attracts everything good and the right partner in life.
  • It is inline with the order and laws of the creator in the universe.
  • It shows uniqueness.
  • Shows peace, knowledge, maturity and mental stability.


  • Attracts everything and everyone negative.
  • Causes misalignment with the creator.
  • Makes you look the same as everyone else in the world, actors, news anchors and so on.
  • Shows desperation for acceptance and the desire to fit in.
  • Reveals ignorance, foolishness and lack of understanding.
  • Shows a separation from God the source of life.
  • Dwells in filthiness and immorality.

beauty of the universe

Word of advice.

If you are a single woman desiring a partner, i advice you to fix yourself up, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally (In terms of knowledge and understanding)

Never parade your body in front of men for you will attract a man who is inline with how you are and later on say that men are dogs and yet it is you who have allowed them to behave like dogs with you.

Change yourself first. If you want a rich man then get a rich mentality. You want a man who appreciates your natural beauty then be natural. You attract the man who is inline with how you are.

beauty in nature


Everyday a form of beauty is being presented to men and women regardless of your location or country. This form of beauty destroys marriages, friendships and families. It darkens the minds of men and women. And where there is darkness there is sadness, misery, confusion, pride, ignorance,foolishness and death.

Therefore the topic of today is about beauty, the natural beauty in its purest and the artificial beauty in its filthiness. Therefore let the light shine upon you. We begin...

© 2019 Stanley Masiga


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