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Critters on Your Head: Animal Hats for Christmas

Updated on December 18, 2012
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The things I do for HubPages!
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Your Inner Child Wants to Wear an Animal Hat

For some reason, many adults seem to be going back in time to their childhood when it comes to fashion. As if wearing pajamas out in public and the popularity of footie pajamas wasn't enough, now wearing an animal hat on your head for winter is all the rage. I predict a number of people will be getting animal hats this Christmas.

When it comes to animal hats, I am not talking about someone wearing a hat made of animal fur. I am talking about a hat that makes a person look like an animal. The hats are furry and have animal ears. There are a number of different styles to choose from. This is a great gift for a person who is a little quirky and lives in a cold climate. Some hats are extremely thick and furry. Some hats even come with "paws" or, really, mittens attached to it.

So don't just get nice furry animal hats for toddlers this year for Christmas. You'd better start shopping for some of the adults on your list, too. As these hats become even more popular, I predict we will be seeing critters on a lot of folks' heads this winter.

Panda Hat

Pandas are pretty nice fellows. They are adorable and furry. Who doesn't like seeing the pandas at the zoo? So what better way to show your love for the panda than a nice, fluffy panda hat? Not only is a panda cute, but also, the black and white colors easier match anything a person is wearing.

Sock Monkey Knit Hat

Sock monkeys have become quite popular recently. If you have a friend or family member that loves monkeys, or is perhaps a big fan of the sock monkey, this is the perfect gift for that person. It is a thick knit hat that will keep anyone warm this winter. It is sure to be a hit this Christmas season!

Wolf Hat

For the folks out there that are into the werewolf craze, this might be the best hat for them. This particular hat is a full wolf hat. Not only can a person look like a wolf with this hat on his or her head, this hat also has the "wolf paws" attached to it. This hat can bring out the "inner wolf" in just about anybody.

Owl Hat

Let's face it, owls are pretty cute. There are a lot of Harry Potter fans out there that would agree with that, too. If you have a friend that loves owls, this is a great hat for him or her. The hat is thick with ear flaps so the hat wearer will be really warm this winter. It also has adorable pom poms at the end of the ties. This hat is sure to bring out anyone's inner child.

Hello Kitty Hat

If you have a loved one that adores Hello Kitty, this is the perfect gift for her this Christmas. Hello Kitty is soft, white, and fluffy and so is this hat. Any girl wearing this hat will feel like she is Hello Kitty in no time. Not only that, it is quite thick, so it is a practical winter hat. Why get someone a plain old cat hat this holiday season when she can have a Hello Kitty hat instead?

Tweety Bird Hat

Maybe you have a friend that doesn't like Hello Kitty, but she sure likes Tweety Bird. Well, you are in luck because Tweety Bird has his own hat, too. What a bright, fun hat for anyone that is a fan of Tweety Bird or birds in general! This hat is a great Christmas gift and will be loved by any Looney Tunes fan.


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