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Crocs Footwear

Updated on December 12, 2011

Croc Shoes

Either you love them or you hate them. There is no middle way. Croc shoes are the bane of the fashionistas but the love of many professionals, normal individuals and celebrities. Crocs or crock shoes may not be popular among the fashion mavens, but their legendary fans proclaim them the most comfortable shoes ever.

Crocs come in a variety of styles and an every growing number of colors and patterns. The company is known for its outrageous looking shoes that look far more uncomfortable than any shoes out there, but they actually do more for your feet than the average tennis shoe. If you have yet to slip a pair on, find out what this brand of footwear can do for your particular needs. You may just be impressed enough to buy a few more pairs of Crocs.

What Are Crocs?

Crock shoes are the product of George B. Boedecker, Jr. In the early 21st century, this entrepreneur took over a Canadian Company called Foam Creations. He decided to use one of their designs to create a new type of footwear. From this hardly humble beginnings was born the first Croc shoes – Crocs Beach. They debuted in 2002.

Crocs Inc is a shoe manufacturer. The original shoe created by the company was meant to be a spa shoe, one used not on the sidewalks of Main Street USA but rather in the luxury spa. The company's first produced the model for the Crocs Beach line in 2002 and took the shoes to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. People loved them from the start and the company sold out of the 200 pairs it brought with it to that event.

In June of 2004, the company began manufacturing other products. It also took steps to gain the exclusive rights to a product called Croslite, which is a foam resin material not used in shoe manufacturing previously. This product forms to the foot of the person wearing it, and thus, offers improved posture and support to the food. The company owns the patent for a wide range of designs using this product. The Crocs name and logo are trademarked and this giant company has managed to build total assets of more than US $279 million and employs more than 3700 people around the world. 

What Do Crocs Do?

Since their debut, Croc Shoes, sometimes called crock shoes, have become popular for a number of activities. These soft and comfortable shoes were designed for casual wear. Croc shoes are made for boating and hiking. The crock shoes are apt for gardening and hospitality. Medical professionals also use Crocs shoes. In fact, the American Podiatric Medical Association approves Crocs.

The design of a crocs shoe is intended to help the foot breathe. Croc shoes cushion sore feet and prevent achy feet. They are approved for diabetics as well as for those with injured, sore and suffering feet.

Croc shoes are well recommended. The US Ergonomics Company tested the shoes in 2005 and recommended them for use. In addition, the American Podiatric Medical Association also approved and now recommends the use of the shoe due to the ability of the shoe to provide necessary support to an individual's feet. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the United States also approved one model of these shoes with molded insoles as an option for diabetic footwear. It helps those with diabetes to avoid injuries to the foot, the organization states.

But, what about them allows them to work? The company originally considered the development of this shoe for the sole purpose of providing boaters and other outdoor participants a way of keeping feet dry, but the shoes do more than that. When you slip a pair of these shoes onto your feet, the patented Closed Cell Resin, also known as PCCR, warms to your foot. It then molds to the foot in a comfortable way. It provides built in support for the arches. By providing this level of support to every area of the foot, the foot does not tire as quickly and remains ache-free. 

How Do Croc Shoes Work?

The original design by Foam Creations called for a Crocs shoe to fit close to the foot. A proprietary closed-cell resin called Croslite fulfills the requirement. This innovative material enables the shoes to mold close to your feet. The material is both bacteria and odor resistant.

The ergonomically designed croc shoe is light. It only weighs a few ounces. Holes within the shoe allow air to circulate, provide ventilation. Other devices such as heel cups and nubs buttress inner support. Arch support is also an integral part of the design.

The design of the Croc is what allows it to provide functional benefits to the foot. While these shoes are not often considered the most beautiful or most elegant, they are recommended for the support and comfort. Now that the company offers a variety of styles, each shoe can work in a unique way, using the resin material, but still offering a unique design and feel.

Who Wears Crocs?

Crocs are popular with people from different occupations. Along the way, the shoes have garnered star power in more than one way. The shoes have been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as well as the United States Ergonomics Council and the American Podiatric Association. Celebrities are also walking around in Crock Shoes. The list is impressive. Among them are musicians, chefs, television personalities, sports heroes, actors and even politicians.

  • Brooke Shields (Actor)
  • Edie Falco Television Actor)
  • Steve Tyler (Arrowsmith)
  • Iron Chef Mario Batali
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Adam Sandler (Comedian)
  • Larry Page (Google founder)
  • George Bush (politician)
  • Al Pacino (Actor)
  • Jack Nicholson (actor)
  • Faith Hill (Musician)
  • and Peter Forsberg (Hockey Player).

Crocs also became a professional sponsor in 2006. From 2006 until 2009, Croc Shoes were the official sponsor for the Association of Volleyball Professionals Tour.

Typology - Croc styles and Croc models

Crocs are a colorful lot. They come in a wide variety of colors. These extend beyond the basic white, black, blue and brown. There are different shades and hues. The Beach and Cayman lines come in around 20 different colors. Besides colors, there are also select patterns. There are Disney Crocs as well as those dedicated to other popular children’s characters.

Children, women and men can all sport crocs. They come in all sizes. They are also designed with the different seasons in mind. You can now wear Crocs in dry, wet and snowy weather.

There are many different models of Crocs currently available. The list below only encompasses some of the major types.

Beach Crocs

Beach Crocs are the original crock shoes. These foot-molding shoes debuted in 2002. They come in 20 colors. The standard for all Crocs, the Beach Croc shoe features the trademark portholes, non-slip sole and ergonomic shape. Professional Crocs are odor resistant and anti-microbial.

The Crocs Beach line up is the option best for those who are looking for comfort and not a lot of style. Their block-like shape is appealing in terms of a playful, relaxing look. You can wear them with any type of clothing, but these are casual shoes. They do work well in the outdoors, too.

Cayman Crocs

These are similar in design to the original Beach Crocs. The major difference is the weight. These water clogs are lighter. They are still ergonomic, made of Croslite, anti-bacterial and ventilated top and side. The specific footbed molds to your foot providing comfort and arch support.

These Crocs fit very lightly. When slipping them on, you should not feel the sides of the shoes against the edges of your foot. Your toes should not touch the top of the shoe, either. You should have about ¼ to ½ inch of space surrounding your foot. This added space is what makes the Caymen Croc unique. Nevertheless, these shoes are more slender than the Beach Croc and still offer the arch support you are looking for. The strap fits along the back of the foot, but you can flip it around and position over the top of the foot for a more flip flop style. The back strap is also removable.

These very light weight shoe (they way just five ounces) is an ideal choice for men and women. Children's sizes are also available. Those who play water sports, hikers, food service workers and even fashionable consumers like this particular style. 

Crocs Ace (Golf Crocs)

This is the version of Crocs designed for the Golf Course. Crocs Ace are made with the same light material and subjected to the same process as all crocs. Golf Crocs are light, easily washed, durable and comfortable to wear.

Medical Crocs – The Rx Croc line

Medical Crocs are the croc shoes that medical professionals refer to patients with foot problems. The Rx Crocs models are diabetic footwear. They are also supportive of heels and arches. Crocs Rx include the Relief Croc for arthritis, heel spurs and arch pain as well as the Silver Cloud for diabetic feet and impaired circulation. You can also purchase the Custom cloud Croc.

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Professional Croc Shoes

The professional Croc is a closed-top clog. It has ventilation ports on the inside. Combine this with ribs to create a functional shoe. The use of Croslite enables the shoe to old comfortably to your feet. The footbed is orthotic. The professional Croc is both slip and odor resistant. It is also anti-microbial

Blitzen Crocs

This is Croc Shoes’ answer for those who really love their Crocs all-year-round. Blitzen’s are winter Crock shoes. The exterior material remains Croslite. The lining consists of either synthetic fur or pile. It is both removable and washable.


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