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Crochet Creations by Top Designers

Updated on February 14, 2013

Designer Crochet Never Goes Out of Style

Classic Crochet

Crochet is one of the oldest techniques used in creating different clothes, bags and even accessories. The reason behind this is because of the style and comfort that people get when using crocheted materials in everything that they wear. Back in the early years of crochet, the only people who were able to afford this kind of material were the wealthy. That is why crochet became a status in its early years.

In the eighteen and nineteen hundreds, women started using crochet for their clothing because the material became affordable to a lot of people. Women then started using crochet to create beautiful dresses, slippers, handbags, hats, and other items that they can use for clothing. During the nineteen hundreds a woman named Riegidela Branchadiere started creating her own patterns using laces and pins. They are being sold at a high price, and only the wealthy could afford it. Fortunately, other women started creating a similar pattern which is more affordable than the first crochet patterns created.

Due to its popularity, crochet has been used for many years. This is why there are still clothing and other items that are made out of crochet. In fact famous designers of this generation are also using crochet to create their fashionable pieces. Some of the famous designers are, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Coco Chanel and Christian Lacroix.

If you're not yet familiar with their fashionable high end creations, then reading the information below will surely help you get familiar with them.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior is one of the famous crochet clothing designer in the year 1940 onwards. He is known to have changed from plain and simple to fashionable feminine clothing. In fact he managed to create a collection of two dozen clothing in as little as ten years. These collections are unique, which created fashion boundaries in this kind of industry. He died in the year 1957 but his crochet creations lasted up to this date, because of the uniqueness that has.

One of the famous crochet dresses that he created was a long sleeve crochet dress, wherein the crochet details are perfectly visible. He also added a ribbon that sits on the abdomen to create an extra edge.

He also created a shoe design where the patterns and details are from crochet materials. The shoe can be worn with a Christian Dior crochet dress. Every woman will surely look outstandingly beautiful with his crochet creations.

Dolce and Gabanna

Dolce and Gabanna crochet handbags are one of the most popular items that they have created. More and more celebrities are using their hand bags from Dolce and Gabanna because of the stylish design that it has.

The first ever collection that Domenici Dolce and Stefano Gabanna was introduced in the year 1986. Dresses that are corset and coats that are printed in leopard are also famous creations by Dolce and Gabanna. They also started creating crochet dresses and they made sure to add a sexy appeal to every clothing that they have.

During the fall fashion week in the year 2011, they introduced the pencil skirt cut that is made out of crochet. They also created heels that are made out of crochet, with flowery details. The famous celebrity Madonna was also spotted wearing a crochet dress from Dolce and Gabanna.

Calvin Klein

As you all know Calvin Klein was the one who introduced jeans back to the fashion industry. The company was also known to create underwear that is extremely sexy for both women and men. At the age 26, he started this brand a called it Calvin Klein Ltd. Ever since, this brand became known because of the materials that are high in quality.

Using crochet with their tops and dresses also made them popular. One of the best crochet made clothing that they have is the sweater that is perfectly made for women of today. The details are perfectly sewn through the sweater's side. They also have socks that are made out of crochet, which can perfectly be paired with the crochet sweater. Lastly, they also created a bikini that is made out of crochet to make sure that women can enjoy even if they are out on the beach.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel has introduced the comeback of crochet materials in their clothing. The crochet festival from Coco Chanel started during the runway show in the Spring 2010. The first dress that was introduced was a black and white dress that is made out of crochet. The black color complimented the dress because Coco Chanel made sure that the crochet patterns will perfectly be included with the dress. A crochet made bag was also created by Coco Chanel. It perfectly matched the crochet dress.

During the festival of Tribeca Film, Kelly Ripa wore a crochet sweater from Coco Chanel, while Leslie Mann wore a white dress with crochet details during the premiere night of The Rio. Coco Chanel's crochet catalogs are all featured in the latest Spring collection.

Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix first introduced couture dresses during the 1980'd fashion show. Their ready to wear collection helped them to become famous in the fashion industry. Christian Lacroix was the one who encouraged the women of today to know how to play when it comes to clothing. He inspired them to use their imagination for them to be able to create clothing styles that are amazing.

Christian Lacroix also introduced crochet materials to the fashion industry by creating a top out of crochet and knit. The colorful top instantly became famous and everyone matched the top with a one toned skirt.

He is also responsible in creating silk dresses with crochet details to add an extra edge to the dress. Christian Lacroix's collections are truly amazing and expensive.

Crochet nowadays are being used in almost everything from clothing to accessories and even to furnitures. If you plan to use crochet as your clothing, then choosing something that you can wear during the day on a usual day would definitely be ideal. But for people who plan to include a touch of crochet for their evening attire then there wouldn't be a problem at all, because the designers mentioned above can provide you with every crochet clothing that you need.


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