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Sophisticated Crop Tops are my Hot Fashion Tip!

Updated on December 6, 2014

Top of the Crops

If like me, you live well away from the equator, you are probably still half-buried under winter ice and snow! Anyway, rest assured that warmer weather is on the way eventually!

A big favourite on the catwalks has been the Crop Top. “Oh no,” I hear you cry. “I've put on several pounds over Christmas and the last thing I want to do is parade around with my belly on display looking like Brittany Spears in her heyday!”

Crop Top Tramps?

Fortunately, for those of us who are no longer teenagers with a childlike figure and tummies as flat as a tea tray, today's look is less tramp and more smart and sophisticated.

Lets face it, we don’t want to look like hookers do we?

Many of today’s styles don’t even need you to display any flesh if you don’t want to. Think more in terms of 2 coordinated garments. The bottom bit being skirt, trousers or shorts and the top bit being any sort of blouse, tee shirt or top.

Nautical look Crop Top
Nautical look Crop Top
Muffin Top Madness - A higher waist would look fine!
Muffin Top Madness - A higher waist would look fine!

Muffin Top Madness and How To Wear a Crop Top

Before we get down to what to wear, beware the perils of the muffin top.

In case you don’t know what I mean, consider the humble muffin and the way the cake overhangs the paper case once cooked.

Some girls, in the wrong crop top, manage to produce exactly the same effect. Not pretty and a look that is best avoided!

There is no excuse. If your tummy hangs over your pants then wear looser pants or raise the waistline.

Alternatively don’t wear a top that ends just below your boobs!

Another, harder approach is to work out at the gym until la muffin top disappears.

I personally wouldn't recommend this extreme solution but if you have the stamina and determination to pull it off, then well done you.

In this case you could say you have 'muffin to loose'! (Ops sorry about that).

Sophisticated Latin Look with Subtle Crop Top
Sophisticated Latin Look with Subtle Crop Top

Pick of the Crops!

Crop Tops don't need to be tight and revealing.

For a more sophisticated evening look, make sure top and bottom are coordinated.

A higher waist avoids muffin tops and an 'in your face' navel display.

The bra top is nicely decorated with black lace above and below the bust.

The fabulous earrings and multiple necklaces nicely complete the lavish Latin look.

Think of this as almost an evening dress but with a modest window to allow you to keep your body cool!

I adore the rich reds and pinks in the fabulous full length skirt and the belted top is to die for!

Bra Top Crop Top with high waisted skirt
Bra Top Crop Top with high waisted skirt
Crop Top for Evening Wear
Crop Top for Evening Wear

Evening Crop Top

This number from Miu Miu is a great variation on the bra top look.

This off the shoulder top provides more cover and therefore looks more formal.

Notice how the high waist of the skirt reveals only the slimmest part of the midriff.

This approach is guarenteed to cover muffin top sins and makes the wearer appear slimmer.

Talking of the skirt, I love that delicious blue and the layering of the skirt.

The whole is finished off with coordinated boots and a contrasting bag.

Contemporary Crop Top for Casual Wear
Contemporary Crop Top for Casual Wear
Crop Top that is almost a Ball Gown
Crop Top that is almost a Ball Gown

Ball Crop Top?

Notice above, the the casual short shorts with crop top still keep the navel covered.

This beautiful creation pictured, right, is almost a ball gown.

What a difference a raised waist can make!

Only that discrete window of flesh at the waist pays homage to the crop.

Notice how the shoulders and arms are covered and the ankle length skirt.

This is a million miles away from Brittany Spears.

But the separation between top and skirt makes a clear statement that this is no traditional evening dress!


I'm not a classic 'crop top' girl any more although I don't yet have a 'muffin top'!

But I'm up for baring my waist, particularly if I can keep my navel more or less hidden. The question is will you join me this Spring? Anyway, I'm planning to shed a few pounds and then give it a go.

One more thing, if you try the cropped look. Apologies if I sound like your Mum, but do remember to have something to cover up with!

A light cardigan is ideal or even a scarf you can wrap around your waist. As the evening draws on and the temperature cools, make sure your lovely belly doesn't get cold!

Crop Tops Video


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    • Janine Huldie profile image

      Janine Huldie 5 years ago from New York, New York

      I love this and agree the pictures are great. Plus I totally agree about the muffin top! Voted up and sharing!!

    • bmukherjii profile image

      bmukherjii 5 years ago

      great hub..specially the pictures are awesome. I like the Muffin Top Madness