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Cufflinks for Geeks, Nerds, Techies and Computer Buffs

Updated on April 28, 2012

You thought Geeks weren't into cuff links - Well Think Again!

So you thought cuff links were serious and stuffy? All about business suits and board meetings? Well think again. Cufflinks can also be fun and give expression to the techie side of your personality.

If you are a girl and want to choose a gift that might hook a good-looking nerd, then suitable geeky cufflinks might be just the ticket!

Novelty cufflinks generally, and techie ones in particular, are a cool, fresh way of telling the world what you are all about and cuff links are the hot new fashion accessory for both men and women in 2012!

Cuff links have never been more affordable or easy to buy. You can find amusing and entertaining techie cufflinks all over the Internet and because of their size they cost almost nothing to mail. Don't forget to look out for FREE delivery on Cuff links on sites like Ebay. Most of all, today's cuff links can be FUN!

Cufflinks about Computers

Lets begin with computers. Every Geek has one and knows how to make it sing. So what kind of cufflinks express this love of the Intel Processor or the sleek lines of an Apple Mac or iPad?

You can begin by immortalising the mouse as a piece of jewellry or capturing the image of your favourite keyboard keys. Or what about the beloved Apple logo or the ubiquitous @ key?

Cufflinks for Sci Fi Lovers

When not working with computers or sweating over a hot keyboard, the techie guy or girl likes to unwind with a boxed set of Starwars, Startrek or Dr Who. Fortunately this passion for Sci Fi can be expressed through cufflinks.

From the Star Ship Enterprise, Storm Troupers, Darth Vader or the Tardis; they are all available in the form of reasonably priced cufflinks.

Cufflinks for Gamers

Another way that Techie folk like to let off steam is with a games controller and a TV screen. From X Box, Nintendo or the Wii, these technologies are all reflected in cufflinks designs.

You can also find reminders of classic games from the past such as Tetris or Pacman.

Alternatively what about a favorite MP3 player such as the Apple Ipod?

Ipod Cuff Links for a Techie Guy?
Ipod Cuff Links for a Techie Guy?


So you know what to do! Get online and find the perfect cuff links for your geeky partner to be. Choose a design that matches their Sci Fi or gadget passion:

If the Apple of your eye
Is a geeky kind of guy, 
Still obsessed with Firefly
Then its cufflinks you should buy!

Wow! all this information and poetry too.

Anyway your next problem may be to get him to wear a suit in the first place but I'm sure you can work out ways to persuade him.

Suppose you are talking about a techie girl? Yes they do exist and girls can wear cufflinks too!

Follow the link above to find out more about girls and cuff link wearing. Now Boldly Go and buy those Cuff Links!

Big Bang Theory

Summer Glau Guests on Big Bang Theory.  These Guys Would Love Geeky Cufflinks!
Summer Glau Guests on Big Bang Theory. These Guys Would Love Geeky Cufflinks!


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    • Rik Ravado profile imageAUTHOR

      Rik Ravado 

      8 years ago from England

      Glad you enjoyed Donna!

    • donna bamford profile image

      donna bamford 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Amusing and entertaining Rik as usual. I'll get right on it. Hatty Gringle!


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