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Culture Thriving Flowers

Updated on May 7, 2017
Beautifully wrapped around
Beautifully wrapped around

With the plant classes in the world, it is tough to stay up to date. Gratefully plants are mostly categorizing by blooming seasons. Stunning to vision and smell, flowers are given for countless reasons. Once you have a flower, what else is there to do? Taking care of it is an option. There are many other ways to use a flower given or growing in your yard. Flowers are often turned into essential oils for cosmetic use. Common benefits of the essential flower oils are blood circulation for the scalp promoting hair growth. Few flowers are used for medical reasons. Drinking tea is considered a medicine. Depending on the tea it will help with cold symptoms. Using these methods are fantastic to health like most effects take precaution. No reports of death from tea has been originated. Applying the oil can lead to long term damage if applied in large dosage.

Native American Flowers

Sunflowers are mutual in Native America, active from country to country they are now back in America. Bright yellow with blue seeds starts growing in the summer, ending in fall. Many uses including edible oil and fruit, bird food, livestock feed, and industrial application. Sunflower seeds are the most popular salty snack in urban teens. Transforming to a non-volatile oil for cooking or as an emollient. Carefully applying to the skin will heal skin injuries and wounds. Ingesting this oil in small dosage will lower high cholesterol. Besides ingesting sunflower oil combining with other oils will promote hair growth.
Magnolia is another beautiful flower grown in summer. Giving an alternative name bull bay symbolizes dignity, nobility, and yin. These flowers are typically given to women by men showing their true thoughts by the color. Mongolia’s have four colors pink, purple, white, and yellow. Each color represents a different meaning. Presented with a pink flower shows feminine, friends, and love; purple indicates royalty; white symbolizes dignity, the moon, and purity; and yellow represents the sun. Crushing the flower pedals produces an oil for hair growth and shine.

Aging beauty with time
Aging beauty with time

Changing Floral

A blossom popularly known as the Hawaiian flower, beautiful in its shade is the Hibiscus. It's seen in six beautiful, bright colors. The color of the Hibiscus tells the age of the flower. An orange Hibiscus flower displays passion and satisfaction; pink generous love and sensitivity; purple intended for elegance and pride; white known for innocence and purity; and yellow enhancing happiness and friendships. Young females wear this flower sporadically in their hair. During the summer this flower is spotted in the most beautiful locations, native to North Africa and Southeast Asia. There is a shop in the Bahamas selling Hibiscus hair clips that change colors when sunlight touches. This flower usage is among cosmetic, food and medical fields. Crushing the petals of the flower extracts oils. This oil is used for hair conditioners, masks, and shampoos. The alpha-hydroxy acid, amino acid, and vitamins treat hair dandruff, growth, loss, and strengthens the hair roots. The promotion for Hibiscus is constantly growing with their most known item the Hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea or sour tea taste is tart, nevertheless, the benefits of drinking this tea are unbelievable. Teas are commonly known for maintaining health. As a herbal tea helps increase urination, lower high blood pressure, and temperature, and treat nerve disease. Mention before the Hibiscus flower is a multi colored flower with their flowers changing with time. Encountering a red flower will always be a sight, a red national Haiti flower is used strictly for medical purposes. Possessing this type of dried red flower and leaf’s is the key to making the sour tea. Leaving the pulp to treat the open wounds.

Winter Hazels for growth
Winter Hazels for growth

Two Flowers for Hair Growth

Two floral regularly overlooked are Roses and Winter Hazels. Roses are generally given on Valentine’s Day to show love for one another. There are various types of roses, however, the red rose is a scalp nourishing conditioner. A red rose once added to water and hair scalp and roots will provide a nourishing texture for the hair to absorb. This texture helps heal and restore any heat damage. If you’re looking for a natural blush on your cheeks, mashing the rose pedals and applying to the face will give a natural blush. Getting a new batch of roses turning them into a liquid or powder form to apply to the lips for a red tint, might just be the latest trend for you. Winter Hazels have received the name Witch Hazel, according to ancient times this flower is mostly used by witches. Looking to add volume your hair this is the perfect flower. Superstition may be how this flower has gotten its alternative name with the benefits why not try.

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