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Curls Without Heat | Product Review for Wrap Snap & Go! Comfort Hair Rollers

Updated on May 24, 2013

I've seen this product on TV and I've seen this product in stores. I've tried quite a few As Seen On TV products so it isn't a surprise that I decided to pick up this product to try at home.

So Is It Worth The Purchase?

Although, it's been a hard journey, I have finally embraced the "no heat" lifestyle. I have sworn off hair dryers, hair curlers, and hair curling wands. In an effort to take better care of myself (which includes my hair), I have decided revamp my entire outlook on my health.

This purchase was great for me, because I love curls. I used to love hair curling wands for the sheer fact that the curls would last all week. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these curlers did curl my hair and my hair did retain a curl throughout the week.

What You Will Need

  • Snap & Go! curlers
  • Spray bottle
  • Mirror


  • Hairstyling product for added definition and staying power

Click thumbnail to view full-size
First curler I rolled in my hair that nightHere I am in the morning, they kept in pretty wellSideview #1Sideview #2Close up!
First curler I rolled in my hair that night
First curler I rolled in my hair that night
Here I am in the morning, they kept in pretty well
Here I am in the morning, they kept in pretty well
Sideview #1
Sideview #1
Sideview #2
Sideview #2
Close up!
Close up!

Tips & Advice With Using These Curlers

  • The best time to use these curlers are at night before you go to bed
  • Before you curl the curlers into your hair, your hair needs to be wet. You can either take a shower before you set your curlers in or use a spray bottle filled with water
  • I started rolling the curlers up in my hair on the top of my head and around my head
  • Once the top layer is done, start curling the layer beneath and so on until you're finished
  • Make sure that your hair isn't slipping out when rolling the curler up in your hair, because if it's already slipping out then it will definitely slip out during the night (happened to me!)

Day One Pictures

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Day One Results

  • The curls stayed in during the day
  • They will slowly lose that tight, defined curl throughout the day
  • If you have long hair, be prepared for the feel of short hair

Day Two Pictures

Click thumbnail to view full-size
This is the same pic as the first one. You can see a better look of the loose curls.
This is the same pic as the first one. You can see a better look of the loose curls.
This is the same pic as the first one. You can see a better look of the loose curls.

Day Two Results

I actually preferred Day Two results then Day One. I like more of the loose and wavy curls. As you can see, my hair did maintain a decent amount of curl the next day.


I did not use any hair product in my hair the entire time. I just used water to wet my hair in the beginning process of curling my hair.

My Overall Assessment

Although the curlers were easy to use, I did find it hard at times to keep the hair from falling out of the curler when rolling the curlers up in the beginning. However, with time and more use, I'm certain I'll prefect rolling up these curlers in my hair.

I do love the snaps on the curlers itself. I have tried the pillow curlers before and found that my hair would get caught up when I would I twist the corners to secure it in place. These curlers don't provide that problem at all.

Will I Use It Again?

Absolutely! These curlers helped in making my straight hair into curls. The curls didn't fall out dramatically at the end of the day. As you saw on the DAY TWO pictures, my hair still had a curl albeit a loose wave. I did happen to sleep on my curls that night so if you put that in perspective... that's pretty decent that my hair still remained partial curls.

Is There Anything I Would Change?

I would use a natural hair product to help add definition to my curls and longevity in retaining them.

Famous Last Words

Don't use a hairbrush to brush out your curls in an effort to loosen them. This will only separate them into multiple small curls that will add volume. Some may say that's what they want and if they want that look then more power to them. However, if you are just trying to control your curls and sculpt them into a smoother hairstyle, use your fingertips and mist your hair down with water!


  • Loosen the curls by NOT brushing a hairbrush through your hair
  • Slowly take different curls and twist them until they form one curl
  • If you want to loosen the curls itself, use the spray bottle and mist it on your hair then use your fingertips (no hairbrushes please!) to loosen up the curls


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    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks Vkwok! I've always been curious about Seen On TV products just to test out the obvious -- do they work? Glad this one did for me.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      A very informative hub. Very interesting.


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