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Curly Hair Updos

Updated on November 28, 2009

If you've ever tried to find curly hair updo tutorials, you know how few of them are out there; and most of those are actually chicks with straight hair that's been curled with either a curling iron or a ceramic flat iron. I have long curly hair, and I have a lot of it. This makes updos difficult, because the weight of my hair can easily undo an updo in less than an hour. What I wanted, was an EASY updo that can be sexy, cute or classy, depending on the mood. And I wanted one that would work with any hair type. These 5 curly hair updo tutorials are the best I've found. They're short, sweet and easy to understand. If you have heavy curls, give them lift with a hair diffuser before putting them up -- this will help maintain the volume.

1. Easy Curly Twist Updo

This first video is probably my favorite. She makes this curly hair updo twist look so easy it's amazing. The twisting method is very simple to do, and she even shows you exactly how to use the bobby pins (there are many techniques for using bobby pins, so make sure you check hers out just in case it's better than the one you've been using). Also, if you wanted to take a bit more time than is shown here, this could really be something elegant.

2. Deconstructed Updo for Curly Hair

This deconstructed updo for curly hair is a bit more loose and a bit "messier" than the first video, but I think that's because the first model has very defined curls, and this one has wispier (and probably finer) curls. It's another fast and easy way to put your curls up, and could be made fancier and classier if you wanted to do so.

3. Fabulous Curly/Wavy Hair Partial Updo

This is a partial updo, but I promise you -- this is a gorgeous, easy curly/wavy hair style that you will love. LOVE! If you have straight hair to begin with, she shows you have to curl your hair in the beginning. I really do love this style, make sure you check this one out.

4. Super Quick and Easy Updo

Ok, obviously, you can see that this super quick and easy updo is demonstrated with straight hair. I've included it for two reasons: It would look fabulous with curly hair, and this model is just too cute. She has lots of makeup tutorials you may want to check out as well.

5. Easy Elegant Curly Hair Updo

This is an interesting updo, because it uses 2 ponytails in the back to start. If you have super heavy hair, you know that ponytails are hard to keep up there. This would solve that problem quite easily. Take a look at how she turns it into an amazing look that even be used for the prom.


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