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Cute Boots Can Be A Cure

Updated on September 26, 2012

Have you ever had a day when you feel down and plain frumpy? Well....I have learned that a great pair of cute boots can be a cure! They come in many styles, heels, and colors, but they all come with attitude. Kicking attitude! Kicking the blues and frumpiness away!

Cute boots come in many styles and heights!
Cute boots come in many styles and heights!

Cute Boots Set The Mood

There are many styles of cute boots. You will find that each style will inevitably set its own mood for each person. They come in a variety of shank heights and materials. The shank is the height of the boot along your calf between the knee and the ankle. There are tall shanked boots and low shanked boots. The choice may depend on the outfit. A short skirt or shorts will definitely cry out for a tall shanked boot! While the outfit may depend on the choice. Some days are just a bootie boot day! They come in all sorts of heights, try them all and see what your mood will rise to! A leather boot makes me feel a bit ornery, somewhat like the biker or cowgirl is kicking out from within! I LOVE wearing them! However, sometimes it is just NOT a good idea to let that part of me loose on the world! A sueded, lambs wool lined boot can make you feel warm and cosy...a cuddly version of your sweet self while a shiny, vinyl boot may make you feel a bit like a go,go girl! There are as many kinds as there are moods!

Stilletto heels really give you a lift!  In and out!
Stilletto heels really give you a lift! In and out!

Rising To The Occasion

Heel height lends an air of attitude to a pair of cute boots. Tall, spike heels will be either killer sexy or fashionably chic! First rule of thumb, however, is don't wear heels taller than you can walk in! Your most chic pair may be a 1 inch heel if that is what you can wear confidently! It is your confidence, own it and wear it! I personally LOVE the kitten heeled boots! They are heels, but functioning heels. I can work in them all day and still feel sassy in them that night! Low or flat heeled boots are the absolute best for safety in bad weather, but you need not sacrifice cute for low heel! Nothing rocks an outfit on a gloomy day better than a great pair of colorful rain boots!! I absolutely adore a gal who will build her outfit around them! Whatever the occasion you are facing, there is a pair of boots to wear!

Color can drive the gloom away!
Color can drive the gloom away!

Color Kicks It!

The final consideration to completely eliminate feeling down and frumpy is kicking it with color. Here is where the cute boots can be the cure. Sure we all have the black, brown and tan boots, but to really kick it all the way....grab a red pair and hit the pavement! Maybe you are a pink boot gal, or a white boot princess, but whatever color you choose...make it count! Some rainboots come in stripes and polka dots, hiking boots come in pink camo, and cowboy (girl) boots come in all kinds of colors! Whatever your color, find the boot to make your mood soar and you will be completely cured! Now....go on...ROCK THOSE BOOTS!

Text Copyright 2011 Deborah M. Carey


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    • prektjr.dc profile imageAUTHOR

      Debbie Carey 

      7 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA


      Thanks, I am so glad fall is ready to get back into my boots! Thanks for reading!

    • laurettereiner profile image


      7 years ago from Southeast United States

      Great post, I have to agree with you about wearing a heel height that you are comfortable with. I absolutely adore tall booths, it makes me feel vibrant.


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