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Cute Girls Hairstyles : Hairstyles for Women

Updated on July 25, 2015

Cute Girls Hairstyles

Hairs are the most important part of the body and sometimes it is the most ignored one. For girls it is more important to take care of their hair and hairstyles. It can be more tough with different hair textures, thickness and smoothness.

Usually you get bored with the same hairstyles again and again everyday. You should come up with some creativity and some ideas. Try to create a cute, cool and hip hairstyle ideas.This article will give you some ideas to come up with some cool and fun hairstyle for you and your small girls.

Here I am summarize some top Cute Girls Hairstyles. Most of these hairstyles are good for any occasions.

Braided Bonnie hair style

Braided Bonnie Hairstyle

Braided Bonnie is one of the top choices as cute girls hairstyles. Brained Bonnie hairstyle is a very cute hairstyle and it is very simple too. It is a perfect hairstyle for girls who have shoulder past long hairs. This hairstyle keeps hairs parted in two sides. It gives a fresh look yet with simple hairstyle.

This hairstyle looks great on all face types and looks especially nice on pear shaped faces. This hairstyle is good for all hair types and textures.This hairstyle is also more popular in TV actress and Hollywood actress as it brings some glamour.

Braided Bonnie hair style can be done in various styles and it looks nice with all different hair lengths. In this hairstyle, you need to make a braided ponytail. You can set the ponytail on any side of the head. Braided ponytails are easy to make and it looks very trendy.

Abigail Breslin in Fishtail Braided Hairstyle

French Braid Felicity

French Braid Felicity

French Braid Felicity hairstyle is one of the classic hairstyle for cute girls. It is nineties hairstyle and it is still very popular among small girls. This hair style looks especially good if you have long layered hair.

This hairstyle looks good on all face types, but it looks especially nice on the oval shaped girl face. This is a simple hair style that will keep your hair in place in a nice way.

Daisy Jane Hair Style


Daisy Jane Hair Style

Daisy Jane is a very cute hairstyle for pre-teen girls. This hair style will make pre-teen girls feel all grown up or look more mature. Teen girls love textured hair with softness. You can make it more creative look with some micro braids. You can also add some colorful look with some flowers on the top and sides. This Daisy Jane hair style looks great with accessories or without it too.

Daisy Jane hair style looks nice on almost every face type. This hairstyle needs more straighter hairs so it will be easy with girls who have straight hair. It will be a little tough for curly hair.

This hairstyle looks great with some highlights on it. So if you are fine to color your hair you can try some highlight too.

Ballerina Bella hair style

Ballerina Bella

Ballerina Bella hair style looks great on small cute girls with small hairs. In this hair style, small ballerina pull off twisted buns on top. This looks nice with white bows on it. This will looks some modern and sophisticated look on pigtails. Pigtails are great and classic way to keep your hair up and it is the easiest way too. It will keep hair away from your eyes and face. This hair style looks nice on any location whether its in family, party, outside or any other occasions.

Lovely Lucy hair style

Lovely lucy hair style brings braided hair with a beautiful ponytail on side. This is a perfect example of braided hair style, nice soft texture and girly style. You can add ribbons in tying off ponytail according to your clothes.

This hair style looks nice on pre teen girls. For school girls this is a easy to go hair style. That's why this hair style makes in top Cute Girls Hairstyles.

Cute Caitlin hair style

Cute Caitlin

Cute Caitlin hair style is timeless. It looks cute just as its name"Cute Caitlin". It is a forever favorite style among girls. This hair style looks great among small girls. It looks nice with long and silky hair. It is a very easy and safe hair style as well. This hair style gives little frame to your cute face.

Hip Hayley hair style

Hip Hayley hair style

Hip Hayley hair style is a fun hair style with pigtail. In this hair style, you can leave your hair down but tie up top hair in a pig tail. This will give a very cute and nice look. This hair style will take some hair away from face but still gives you a nice and sweet look with hair on the sides. You can not go wrong with some creativity using girly scrunchies or ribbons to give colorful look.

Ponytail Paige hair style

Ponytail Paige hair style

Ponytail paige hair style looks awesome on a cute little girl face. This hair style will perfectly show up your cute face with your hair tied up. It will give some essence of fashion with some ribbons on it.This hair style is very cute for short hair as well long hair. This hair style is also very suitable for all occasions. You can be creative with this hair style with some nice, cute accessories.

What is your favorite Cute Girls Hairstyles ?

What is your favorite Cute Girls Hairstyles ?

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      Sara 4 years ago

      Awesome post and very useful for me. Thanks for sharing.